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Be the Force that Drives the Industry.

YOU are the person we are looking for! Tour Press Force is an organization devoted to fulfilling the dream of young people who aspire towards a career in the music industry.


We want to get you started! If you are looking to be a photographer, journalist, reviewer, promoter, manager, or any other role that’s in support of the music, we will help you get the experience. No, we are not a recruiter, we are not an employment agency, and we are not hiring. We will however, get you hands-on experience, exposure, and valuable references you will need down the road.


It can be tough getting started, especially if all you have is the love of music and the desire to turn that into your career. The people at Tour Press Force can to help you navigate your way towards where you want to go, even if your final destination is not clear to you yet.


If you are ready, there is a powerful force waiting to help you. Talk to us.




Photographers will supply all their own professional grade cameras and equipment (DSLR Camera and basic accessories preferred—no phone/tablet cameras); a computer with photo-editing software (this is a must). We can help suggest and give guidance to fit a variety of budgets.


Writers will need a computer. Documents are to be submitted in MSWord format. All texts are to be completely edited and ready for publication. Editing assistance will be available, style-guide will be supplied.


All applicants under the age of 18 will need consent from a parent or guardian to work with Tour Press Force.

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