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Their Only Retreat

Some things are definitely worth the wait, more specifically, the wait in line. That is exactly how it was on the line into Joe’s Grotto on Monday, April 18. The line of people wearing various bands’ apparel, various hair colors, and dressed mostly in black, went all the way down the street. The band performing that night was Escape the Fate, a band who has members who started right here, in Arizona. Opening for them were the bands Go Ask Alice, Note to Self, Crisis in Victory, American Wolves, and Get Scared.

Each band performing that night had the “Screamo”, Hardcore sound the audience was clearly craving. The night was filled with cheers, screaming, smoke, and lights. There was not a silent concert-goer in the building.

Go Ask Alice was on first, dressed all in white, they performed a few of their songs such as, “Better Off” and “You're Not Alone”. They came into the audience during their performance, and supported the other bands as well. The same can be said for all the other bands that performed. American Wolves, while an amazing band with a great sound, they just did not seem to be too popular with the crowd that night. Most likely because their music had more of an Indie vibe, and the people were there to listen to Screamo.

Besides Escape the Fate, the other band that had the largest fan base there was definitely Get Scared. The band had released a new album, Demons in October 2015. The songs they played were mainly off of this album, the audience never silent and never displeased with their song selection.

Finally, after much anticipation, Escape the Fate finally appeared. Pumped full of adrenaline they introduced themselves, and ears went numb from screaming. They are originated in Nevada, making them very familiar, albeit being a lesser-known band. They performed a handful of their songs from recent albums and albums of old. Even in the late night, no one stopped cheering, and it’s not believed to be that one person left Joe’s Grotto disappointed that night. These bands seem to preach to the choir of people that are outcasts, and it’s safe to say every one of those outcasts had a home that night.

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