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Lana del Rabies at the FilmBar

One of the best things to hear nowadays, is that an artist isn’t in it for the fame—but just to do what they love. On the night of Friday, May 6, visual musician Lana del Rabies (Sam Angiulo) was there for that reason alone, to do what she loves doing.

Performing before the band Negativland at the Film Bar in downtown Phoenix, Rabies intrigued the small audience with her unique sound, and eerie, black and white film. She had microphones and a laptop set up in front of the screen, the visual pre­recorded, the sound being performed live.

Rabies started experimenting with visual music in 2012, and through photography and videography she started creating these musical compilations. However, she has only been performing live at venues for about four months. Although the audience was small, they were very enthusiastic, clapping and cheering after her performance. Rabies states it does not matter how famous she gets, she’s “happy just to play.”

When asked who inspires her, she claimed, “No one in particular, I guess just the people working with me and supporting me help me find inspiration”. “It doesn’t matter who listens, or if they understand it. I just enjoy showing people my work and what I put so much heart into,” Rabies said. An admirable attitude, this woman has made it very clear that she does what she loves, and she loves what she does.

Lana del Rabies, May 6, 2016 at the FilmBar

Listen to Lana del Rabies' stream on SoundCloud:

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