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Weslynn - AZ Indie Pop Rock

We met up with Weslynn, an Indie Pop Rock band from Phoenix to check out their latest music after a yearlong hiatus. They released their five-song EP Black + Champagne in late August 2016. "This last record we did with Dan Parker. ...He's awesome, he really took this album to a whole other level..."

Check out their interview:

Tour Press Force (TPF) Interviews Weslynn

Follow Weslynn on Facebook to get details on their upcoming Southwest tour in early December.

Listen to their single "Strange Feelings":

YouTube | Strange Feelings - Weslynn (Official Music Video)

Shout out to Weslynn's label For Emily Records and their GM, Ami Rogers – for their hard work in supporting the band in what they love – getting back on the road performing!

Find Weslynn:


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