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RVLS - Still Burning Strong

Tour Press Force (TPF) caught up with the So-Cal Alternative Pop band RVLS – Vocalist Kalie Wolfe and guitarist Micket Woodle tell the story of their unfortunate breakdown during their Light Me Up Tour, that rendered them temporarily stranded in the Virginia boondocks and caused their early departure from their tour. On the upswing, their "Heathens" cover has brought them lots of press. Stay tuned for the 'surprises' they have planned for all of you fans!!

RVLS Interview with Kalie Wolfe and Micket Woodle.

Check out their music video featuring the intro music heard during the interview —

"The Water Seems Shallow"

Below are some photos Nahnalah_G shot on-site Malone's in Santa Ana, California after the interview and during their set October 8, 2016.


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