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The 1975 — English Charm takes Phoenix by Swoon!

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English band The 1975 brought their 80s inspired Indie-Pop to the Comerica Theater in Downtown Phoenix where they started the North American leg of their tour. On October 13, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matthew Healy, drummer and backing vocalist George Daniel, bassist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist Ross MacDonald, and guitarist, backing vocalist, and keyboardist Adam Hann came to America to share their new album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It. They also included throwback songs from their previous album The 1975. The quintet has been playing together since 2002 and that translates nicely into their niche. Their refined sound is easily spotted within their music. To counter the smooth edges of The 1975, 070 Shake joined the group and brought her sharp eccentricism to the tour. The unlikely matched artists came together for an unforgettable night of music.

Rapper and singer 070 Shake brought her unique sound to the stage as the opening act for The 1975. She was accompanied by a DJ and various other people who initially seemed to lack a purpose for being on stage. Shake’s performance was definitely an unexpected occurrence; her style of music is not one closely associated with the Alternative Pop feel of The 1975. The set started off slightly rocky. Shake’s vocals were difficult to understand and no one in the audience was into the music besides the front row of people in the pit. The audience reaction continued through the next song. Everyone in the seated sections of the venue stayed in their seats, and not very many of them were paying attention to the performance on stage. Shake and her crew of performers finally managed to get the audience engaged during the last song of their set: “Honey”. The random people dancing around on stage with 070 Shake finally made sense. They were actually singers - very good singers at that. “Honey” intrigued the crowd. The energetic performance brought rapping and singing to an audience that normally would chose to listen to something a bit softer. Although 070 Shake was not an ideal opening act for The 1975, they brought something interesting and different to the show.

Setlist: "Trust Nobody", "Bass for My Thoughts", "Honey"

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Listen to "Honey" - 070 Shake

The 1975 took the stage, and the entire atmosphere changed. A deafening roar filled the air, and everyone that was sitting down for 070 Shake immediately rose to their feet. The band opened with their intro called “The 1975” and shrill voices broke through the air waves as the men took the stage. Initially, the crowd’s reaction and energy level was confusing. The 1975’s albums do not evoke excitement as much as they evoke sleep. However, this idea was obliterated when they performed. The liveliness that poured from their lyrics infiltrated the audiences’ minds and stole their hearts. One of the many captivating moments occurred during their song “Loving Someone”. A fan had a pride flag and gave it to singer Matt Healy. He proceeded to perform the rest of the song with the flag. This sign of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community earned even more adoration from the audience. The set was riddled with Michael Jackson-esque dance moves and quirkiness. Along with the stellar vocals, the music was paired with an impressive light show. Behind the band were four pillars and a large screen. Each song projected a different image that was projected onto the square structures. During one song waves would be crashing soothingly along with the lyrics and the next prism would be refracting rainbow colored lights in time with the beat of the song. The group’s charisma and English charm made the audience swoon in delight. It was a happy surprise that the group sounded better live than they do on their album.

YouTube | Love Me — The 1975

Everything about The 1975 concert was unexpected, and on paper, it would seem like a trainwreck, but it worked. Each artist brought their unique style and imaginative concepts to the venue and put on a great show. Sometimes obscurity can be off-putting, but in this case it was overwhelmingly enjoyable. This night was one that is sure to be remembered forever.

Setlist: "The 1975", "Love Me", "UGH!", "This Must Be My Dream", "A Change of Heart", "Heart Out", "She's American", "I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It", "Milk", "M.O.N.E.Y.", "Undo", "Loving Someone", "Please Be Naked", "Lostmyhead", "Head.Cars.Bending", "Somebody Else", "Medicine", "Sex", "Encore", "If I Believe You", "Robbers", "Chocolate", "Girls", "The Sound"

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