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Marina City —The Genre You Didn't Know You Craved!

Photo courtesy of Marina City

In anticipation of their next tour featuring their EP Lost Doesn’t Mean Alone [Lost ≠ Alone], Tour Press Force (TPF) caught up with the Chicago sextet known as Marina City. If you don’t know them already, multi-platinum record producer John Feldmann,* has dubbed them as a mix “between Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold.” Marina City has introduced their rapidly growing audience to a genre they didn’t even know they craved—Aggressive Pop Rock!

(TPF) Tell us about your Aggressive Pop Rock sound; what makes it stand out above the rest?

Aggressive Pop Rock is a term we made up since most people ask us what genre we play. We fuse aggressive instrumentals and tones with poppier/catchy melodies sung by emotional raw vocals, and sometimes put a funky groove behind it. The six of us listen to different styles of music so we just put our influences in our song writing. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

Alternative Press Magazine called Marina City the #2 band to watch at Warped Tour 2016 saying, “This theatrical six-piece has the artistry and determination to give Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco) a run for his money.”**

(TPF) How was it being placed #2 by Alternative Press Magazine for the band to watch at Warped Tour 2016?

It felt amazing. As a young teen growing up reading Alternative Press, it was awesome to see our name in there. Being placed #2 for the band to watch on Warped 2016 was definitely a pleasant surprise, only having played one warped date the year before. It also drove us to put on the best live show we possibly could! (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

"They had the entire venue screaming at the top of their lungs, singing along and smiling throughout their entire set. Each one of them has the gift to make people feel so many positive emotions all at once, and not very many people can say that.”***

(TPF) In what ways, have you guys grown this year, and how does it compare from when you first started to now?

We are definitely more tour ready than we have ever been. We've been touring since 2013 and we didn't really "get it" until we did this year’s Warped Tour. Now we understand how to take care of ourselves on tour, how to play better, and how to save money. We are definitely a strong act now. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

YouTube | The Haunting — Marina City (Lost Doesn't Mean Alone)

The sextet features lead vocalist Ryan Argast, guitarist and vocalist Brian Johnson, keyboardist and vocalist Matt Gaudiano, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea, bassist Aaron Heiy, and lead guitarist Todor Birindjiev.

(TPF) When did you all start playing an instrument and how old were you when you decided to do music as a career?

For me, I started playing piano at a very young age, maybe 5 or 6 years old, and I truly started to pursue music when I was 14. (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

At the end of 2015 Marina City was named the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Band's Grand Prize Winner. "Their ability to stand out and their amazing work ethic is undoubtedly why they’ve reigned victorious above thousands of hopeful locals."**** Competing against nearly 10,000 bands across the nation, Marina City was the band chosen to work with John Feldmann on their new EP, play 2 weeks of Warped Tour, and be endorsed artists of Ernie Ball Music Man.

(TPF) What are your personal favorite songs that you have produced and why?

I really enjoy I Can’t Love You, I’m proud of the parts I wrote on the song, and as a whole, the song has a great story. I feel that all of the instruments, along with the vocals and lyrics contribute to the story of the song. (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

“The completely independent band that people cannot believe isn't big yet,”***** debuting at a sold out House of Blues show, the sextet since gained an intensely dedicated fan base they call ‘The Lost Boys’. This fan base has opened the door for Marina City to tour over a dozen times across the country.

(TPF) How did you come up with your latest EP title?

The Lost Boys is what we call ourselves and our fan base. People believe that when you grow up you have to give up on your dreams to live a normal life. We don't believe that. We aren't ready to give up on this dream. Just like the characters in Peter Pan, we won't grow up. For this EP, Lost Doesn't Mean Alone, we traveled to five (5) cities and recorded the songs in front of a live studio audience every night. We couldn't have done this EP without our fans, so this time, these lost boys weren't alone. We may not know where we are going, but we know we won't be alone in this adventure. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

With a degree in music performance, drummer Somers-Urrea creates a strong rhythmic backbone for bassist Heiy’s deep pocket to groove within. Birindjiev, takes each song to new heights with his infectious guitar solos and ripping lead lines. And Hammond artist Gaudiano on keys, teams up with guitarist Johnson to create the hard-hitting and aggressive center of the band. However, the biggest standout factor for Marina City is that it features three (3) lead vocalists— Gaudiano’s smooth R&B style and Johnson’s raw punk sound, compliment the power and emotion of frontman/lead vocalist Argast.

YouTube | Your Song — Marina City (Lost Doesn't Mean Alone)

(TPF) Describe your experience working with Craig Owens (Vocalist of Chiodos) recording that EP, Lost ≠ Alone, acoustically live, in five different cities/studios across the Midwest?

Working with Craig was nothing but an amazing experience. Craig encouraged our artistic ideas and helped us become stronger composers, he always gave us tips to improve the performance, and is all around a great guy. Craig helped all of the vocalists with tips and tricks none of us had heard of before, and they were super effective. (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

"On top of the post-hardcore skeleton that carries the band’s sound... You can find elements of jazz in the keys, nitty-gritty soulfulness in the vocals and a general pop sensibility...."******

(TPF) What are your future plans having to do with this new EP?

This EP gives us an opportunity to do some different and interesting sets that we are able to incorporate in shows. Think of them as tricks up our sleeves. This came out just in time for our tour with badXchannels! Expect to see and hear something you've never seen from us! (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

(TPF) So, you guys just got done with The Artists on the Rise tour with 7 Minutes in Heaven and Assuming We Survive, and the fall edition of the So What?! music festival, how was that?

The Artist on the Rise Tour was super fun! All of the guys in all of the bands were great, they quickly became family. 7 Minutes in Heaven, Assuming We Survive, and Coldfront are all great musicians and even better friends.

So What?! was a blast as well, I loved the layout of the fest this year, it was definitely an unforgettable experience. It’s sad to be home, but now we’re touring with Craig Owens’ new project badxchannels and I’m positive that it’ll be a great time! (Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

(TPF) And up next, you are going out on tour with badXchannels and Colours, with our friends Weslynn opening for your Arizona show—what excites you most about this tour?

There are so many things that get us excited for this tour. We get to go end our year in our favorite cities, we get to hang out with these talented artists every day, we will be able meet tons of new people, and get to play a different kind of set! This tour will be a lot different than any tour we've ever done. Looking forward to seeing Weslynn! (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

YouTube | The Alley Capital Masquerade — Marina City (Lost Doesn't Mean Alone)

(TPF) What’s up next in 2017? Our main goal after this winter tour with badXchannels is finishing up writing and start recording for a hopeful spring 2017 release! So keep an eye out! (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

Tour Dates:

11/12 - Columbus,OH Ohio Is Fest

11/17 - Indianapolis, IN Emerson Theatre

11/18 - Detroit, MI The Shelter

11/20 - Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

12/02 - Orangevale, CA The Boardwalk

12/03 - Los Angeles, CA Los Globos

12/04 - Phoenix, AZ Pub Rock

12/09 - Brooklyn, NY Goldsounds

12/10 - Cambridge, MA Middle East (early show)

12/11 - Philadelphia, PA Voltage

Follow Marina City:

*–John Feldmann

**Alternative Press Magazine

***Concert Junkies

****Noise Creators

*****MTV News

******Noise Creators

Other details courtesy of Marina City.

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