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Withered Bones — AZ Melodic Hardcore

Tour Press Force (TPF) sat down with Arizona's Melodic Hardcore stalwarts* Withered Bones, at Francisco Studios in Phoenix on November 2nd where they were rehearsing before heading out on their final 2016 tour.

Courtesy of Withered Bones - Facebook 10.4.15

Withered Bones outside of Francisco Studio - Fall 2015

Withered Bones' interview explores in-depth, the rhythm and reason behind the band. Peter (bass) and Russ (vocals) talk about their DIY and label experience with Blood & Ink Records, Benji (guitar) talks about their writing process, with Ben (guitar) and Cole (drums) discussing their passion about the emotion-driven action during hardcore performance—whether it be moshing, crying or crowd surfing and more!

Sit back n' relax for about a half-hour as Withered Bones interviews with TPF - includes partial footage from their rehearsal. Watch how they are killin' it!

YouTube | Shallow Roots – Withered Bones (Official Music Video)



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