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Tree Season — AZ Alternative Punk Rock

Tour Press Force (TPF) interview's Arizona's Alternative Punk Rock band Tree Season!

Photo by Nahnalah_G

We met up with the members of Tree Season, with our intern Emily Ducker, interviewing Damian Sworan, Bryce Patterson, and Teddy Valenzuela and guest bassist Alex Polimeni before their show at 51 West in Tempe. They were stoked to open for one of their long-time local favorites Sundressed. Check out the interview for more about the band and their latest EP, This Blessed Curse. "We're an alternative punk band that loves having fun on stage and having the people in the room enjoy the gig as much as us!" —Damian Sworan

Tree Season – Pre-Show Interview | 51 West 11.18.16

Like them on Facebook: @TreeSeasonAZ Find them on Spotify: Tree Season

Don't miss their next show - January 5, 2017 at The Rebel Lounge

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