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"Who's Ready to Get Drunk and Sing Some Emo Songs?!"

Photo by Cosmic-A

What, with David Allen Coe wailin' "You Never Even Called Me by My Name," one could hardly believe they had walked into the opening of Emo Nite at the Valley Bar in Downtown Phoenix. Emo Nite insiders knew without a doubt, as November 15th was a Tuesday night and Sad As Fuck Emo balloons were a drift all over! Yeah, another clue was Barbe Noire's "Tuesday" signaling the gear-shift into EMO.

In strolled a mixed crowd of 20-30 somethings ready to get down – sad as fuck and screaming with tears as each regaled emo favorite spun from the nite's track. Uhuh, everyone fell out with tear-filled lyrics, boys and girls alike, lyrics heard SUNG-SHOUTED-SCREAMED wafting throughout the club the moment "Sugar,We're Going Down" streamed.

"This is a fucking party! We're taking requests..."

From then on, the Emo Nite phenomena could not be questioned. It was an amazing site to partake and behold!

Before the party, we blew n' strung the Emo Nite balloons and then sat down with two out-of-the-three Emo Nite LA founders, Babs Szabo and T.J. Petracca.

Check out their interview below. Ready, get set, 3 - 2 - 1 EYE ROLL...Hey guys!!

Shot from the very dingy, un-green room inside Valley Bar.


Not in LA? No worries, you can stream it via Twitch.TV!!

Watch live: 8pm (LA), 11pm (NYC), 3am (UK), 12pm (Tokyo)

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