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Terra Lopez — Ultimately, these Rituals are meant to be shared.*

9.7.16 | Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ — Interview with Terra Lopez, Rituals of Mine

Tour Press Force (TPF) sat down with vocalist, Terra Lopez of the Electronic/Soul Duo Rituals of Mine after their concert debuting their recent album Devoted, while opening for The Album Leaf.

Rituals of Mine, formerly known as 'Sister Crayon', were recently signed to Warner Bros. Records and have released their first album Devoted under the new moniker. Listen to Lopez discuss the catharsis behind her performance – with turmoil and passion driving her presence – it is no coincidence that we have called her the hauntingly, pandemonic howl-Empress!

Interview with Terra Lopez

The Album Leaf's live set can be heard playing in the background during the interview.

Co-artist Dani Fernandez was not available at the time of the interview.

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