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Bad Suns Bring Their New Jams to Arizona

Bad Suns’ highly anticipated Disappear Here tour finally arrived in Phoenix on November 17th, 2016.

Bad Suns courtesy of Facebook

Inside the venue rehearsing were band members Christo Bowman (vocals), Miles Morris (drums), Ray Libby (guitar), and Gavin Bennett (bass). Bad Suns had just finished touring with Halsey on her Badlands tour over the summer where they won over fans with some songs off their old album Language & Perspective as well as a few singles they released off their new album.

The band released their newest album Disappear Here in September 2016, and fans were lining up outside the venue Crescent Ballroom to wait for their chance to see the new songs performed live.

The doors in the back entrance of Crescent Ballroom were opened and fans began to flood into the room racing for the barricade.

Red, blue, and purple lights began lighting up the stage as the members made their first appearance to the audience. Bad Suns started their set with their first single off the new album “Disappear Here” captivating the audience into their new groove.

Live clip of Bad Suns playing Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ on November 17, 2016. By Emma Sounart.

They smoothly transitioned into two songs off of Disappear Here, “Patience” and “Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win,” that fans instantly clung onto because of their catchy lyrics and light-hearted vibes.

Libby and Bennett added spark and energy to the songs carrying the two different themes of their albums very well. Morris kept the audience on their toes with his new beats and knack for creating an engaging performance. Bowman showed his excitement for sharing the new lyrics and songs with the crowd, switching it up by changing guitars, making great use of the stage, and hyping up the audience.

The new songs were followed by a few oldies off of Language & Perspective that allowed long-time fans to sing to their hearts’ desire. Bowman continually interacted with the audience throughout the entire set, especially during “Sleep Paralysis” where he wandered off the stage and on top of the crowd.

Shortly after came some more newbies including “Daft Pretty Boys,” another single they released a few weeks before their album. The crowd went wild for their snippet of “20 Years” off of their old Transpose EP released back in 2014 as a precursor for Language & Perspective.

From song after song after song, they seemed to have mastered the balance between songs off of Disappear Here and Language & Perspective. No matter which album fans liked better, everyone got their fix.

Bad Suns closed out their set with their first single “Cardiac Arrest” and left the audience waiting for their explosive encore.

Bowman, Morris, Libby, and Bennett filed onto the stage for their epic exit starting with “Rearview,” transitioning into “Heartbreaker,” and ending with fan favorite “Salt.” Fans were holding onto every second before the band sang the last verse and strummed the last chord, packing up and departing for their last show of the tour in Los Angeles.

The band amazed the audience with their awesome stage presence and unique instrumentation. The lights and effects were captivating and highlighted the performance while also sticking to their theme of red, blue, and purple colors. The intimacy of a small venue like Crescent Ballroom added to the show by giving fans a better sound quality and a closer proximity to the band members.

The only thing Bad Suns could have improved in their show was making their set list longer! The fans were dancing, jumping, singing, and jamming from start to finish.

Thanks for sharing your new jams with us, Bad Suns! Make sure to catch their next show in Arizona in Tucson on March 20th, 2017 at 191 Toole.

Listen to their music on Spotify here.

YouTube | Disappear Here – Bad Suns (Official Video)

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