It's the Beginning of the End

Spoiler Alert! Falling in Reverse's two unreleased songs featured in this 'Sneak Peek' iPhone video compilation by Cosmic-A.

Spoiler Alert! Falling in Reverse's two unreleased songs featured in this 'Sneak Peek' iPhone video compilation by Cosmic-A.

The world came crashing down with an explosive opening night of the ‘The End is Here Tour'. The triple headlining tour for Motionless in White, Issues, and Falling in Reverse brought fans to life and time to a standstill on January 13, 2017.

The title of the tour was fitting for the first band, Dead Girls Academy, because their performance could not have ended soon enough. Their entire set felt like watching a high school battle of the bands, and not a very good one. Their backing track was solid, however their live performance was lackluster. The lead singer’s voice was not as strong as it should have been; it often wavered and was slightly out of tune. Their entire set felt rushed, and they seemed unprepared. However, the backing vocalist had a high-quality sound, so he should be used more during the songs. Maybe it was nerves or maybe they need some more practice, but Dead Girls Academy put on a set that was less than desirable.

Dangerkids put on performance better than Dead Girls Academy, which was uplifting because the concert was starting to move in the right direction. But something was missing. Dangerkids sounds a lot like Issues, but not quite as polished. They have two vocalists — one clean and the other unclean. While their unclean vocalist had a strong, reverberating voice, the clean vocalist was not good enough to keep up. He was overshadowed by the depth of the screaming. This affected most of their songs, and it made the performance weak. The band played their new song entitled ‘Blacklist’, which was the best song they performed, which is promising. It showed signs of music growth and maturity. Dangerkids did not live up to expectations on opening night, but hopefully they will get better as the tour continues.

Setlist: Things Could Be Different, We're All In Danger, Paper Thin, Blacklist, Hostage, Kill Everything

YouTube | Things Could Be Different – D NGERK DS [Official Video]

Inspired by Friday the 13th, Motionless In White destroyed the crowd with their haunting, Halloween-esque performance. The band put together a set of their greatest hits including ‘America’, and they even covered ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down. Motionless In White executed a spectacular performance, and fans were eating it up. The only thing that should have been changed about Motionless In White’s performance was the woman who accompanied them on stage. She hurt their performance more than she helped. Her prancing around the stage and throwing candy into the audience was unnecessary and annoying. However, the worst part was when she attempted to wave a Motionless In White flag in time with the music. Watching her flail a tangled flag around was like watching a sad middle school color guard routine. It was beyond awful. Besides her, Motionless In White kicked of the tour right. Their ode to Friday the 13th was aesthetically pleasing and worthwhile to witness.

Setlist: 570, America, Everybody Sells Cocaine, Abigail, Death March, Devil's Night, Chop Suey, Dead As Fuck, Eternally Yours, Reincarnate

Motionless in White - Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

Motionless in White - Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

YouTube | 570 – Motionless in White [Official Video]

Issues is known for being a stellar live band, but the opening night of the tour was not their best performance. They ‘supposedly’ started out with their new ‘Booty Intro’, but it was difficult to differentiate the intro from their opening song ‘Blue Wall’. Their whole set went smoothly; the push and pull of Tyler Carter’s soothing melodies and Michael Bohn’s staccato screams kept the audience entertained. However, Carter and Bohn both did a lot of standing around during their set. It can be difficult to have two vocalists who do not play instruments in a band because one of them has absolutely nothing to do while the other is singing. It seemed as if all the energy was sucked out of them when they weren’t singing. It was disappointing. Meanwhile, this whole set was played on an elaborate pirate shipwreck set piece, which was supposed to convey their theme of pirates, but it was distracting and completely irrelevant. Issues did not even acknowledge the pirate theme until right before their final song. Having a pirate theme would have been interesting if the band actually tried to work it into their set, but instead the theme can across like an afterthought. Issues still wowed the crowd, but they could have been a lot better than they were.

Setlist: Booty Intro, Blue Wall, Mad At Myself, COMA, Princeton Ave, Yung & Dum, Never Lose Your Flames, Home Soon, Flojo, The Realest, Disappear (Remember When), Slow Me Down, Hooligans

Issues - Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

Issues - Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

YouTube | Blue Wall – Issues (Official Music Video)

Self-proclaimed asshole Ronnie Radke and the rest of Falling In Reverse lit a fire inside of everyone at The Marquee Theatre. Ronnie Radke commands attention — something about Radke draws people to him. This night was no exception. Fans already worship him, so they had no trouble being captivated by the group as they performed classics like ‘The Drug in Me is You’ and ‘Sink or Swim’, with fan-favorite 'Game Over' played live for the first time. In anticipation for their new album, Falling In Reverse also premiered two new songs. The crowd grew quiet, hanging onto every lyric, every syllable. Both songs were received well, and that motivated the band to play their hearts out. The concert closed with an epic performance of ‘Coming Home’, the single from Falling In Reverse’s new album. It was heartfelt and moving - everything a concert should be. The band went above and beyond with their show. Unlike Issues, Falling In Reverse’s space theme set actually served a purpose. When the group released their song ‘Coming Home’, they featured it with a photo of an astronaut. Falling In Reverse’s set was coupled with an electronic space operating voice, which added a stylistic element all the other bands lacked. Falling In Reverse’s set was cohesive and played to their strengths. They were the perfect ending to the night.

Falling in Reverse – Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

Falling in Reverse – Warped Tour 2016 PC: Nahnalah_G

YouTube | Coming Home – Falling in Reverse

Whether this was each band’s best or worst performance, they are all trying the best they can to do what they love the most: making music. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters. ‘The End is Here Tour’ still brought the audience joy despite all of its struggles. While the night was a bit rough for Dead Girls Academy, Dangerkids, and Issues, they have time to improve over the rest of the tour. Remember: it is only the beginning of the end.


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