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Surviving Warped Tour with Assuming We Survive


PC: Taryn Poe

Interview by Cosmic-A (Monica Demattei) | Transcription by Kiya Gaskin

Assuming We Survive slayed the stage all summer at the Vans Warped Tour last summer, and they were bummed that it had to come to an end. Tour Press Force caught up with Alternative Pop Punk group at Warped Tour during the final week of the tour in California.

The band could only describe the tour as the ‘time of their lives’.

PC: Nahnalah_G

“It is amazing,” drummer Kris Pasos said. “We only have a week left - best time of my life.”

While on the tour, Assuming We Survive got to make many connections and friends.

“It’s awesome to be back home in California and see all of our friends and stuff, but it’s going to be sad,” lead singer Adrian Estrella said. “This tour has been amazing for us and we have made so many different friendships and it’s been awesome.”

Not only was meeting fans fun for the band, but so was all of the traveling.

“The tour has been incredible and we’ve had the time of our lives. We’ve met a lot of cool new fans and people and we got to play some awesome cities.”

The fans came to show and the band was surprised. Everyone in their audience new at least one song, and the band was ecstatic to witness that.

“It’s been awesome,” Pasos said. “To play out of our state, in states that we haven’t been to or states that we have been to, and to see responses from kids or anyone that shows up is amazing. I don’t think there was one show where at least one kid didn’t know some of the songs. It’s very humbling and makes us really happy.”

Assuming We Survive dropped their new album the first day of the tour and the were more than excited to be able to play the new songs for the crowd.

“Our brand new record just came out June 24, the first day of Warped Tour,” Estrella said. “It’s called All Roads Lead Home. There are 11 tracks – one acoustic track. There are features from Alexis Dunlap on a song called ‘Next to Me’. And our buddy Dan Arnold. It’s pretty awesome and we are super stoked for everyone to hear the album that haven’t yet.”

PC: Nahnalah_G

After Warped, the band had a very hectic schedule.

“Starting in October we are going to do a couple military shows and we have So What? Fest,” Estrella said. “And we have a couple of off-dates with 7 Minutes in Heaven and some off-dates with Ice Nine Kills as well.”

They also had a surprise for fans that was due to come out last fall.

“In November, we are going out. We can’t release details of that yet, but we are going to be releasing it on the last day of Warped Tour,” Estrella said.

Filled with laughter and jokes, it was easy to tell that Assuming We Survive had a blast on the Vans Warped Tour.

For fans that missed them last summer, Assuming We Survive is going on the LIFELINES U.S. TOUR with I Prevail this February 2017.

To stay updated with Assuming We Survive, follow them on social Media:

Facebook: @AWSband

Twitter: @awsmusic

PC: Taryn It Up Photography

Only 141 more days until Warped Tour 2017!

Shouting out to J.R. of New Music Inferno—Thanks for making it possible for Taryn Poe, of Taryn It Up Photography to act as press during Warped Tour 2016!

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