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Versus to Premiere "The Cardinal" Album [out March 3, 2017]

Photo compliments of Versus PR

Versus, the five-piece Progressive Rock band from Seattle, WA is currently on tour with fellow label mates Alesana and Charlatan. Tour Press Force (TPF) met up to interview the band during their stop in Arizona at Club Red Mesa. Versus shared their passion to spread a message of hope for individuals battling mental illness after first-hand losing someone significant to them. It is their mission to help each and every person they come in contact with.

"There isn't an easy way out of the noise that can overcome your mind, but with understanding that there are a lot of us in the same boat we can fight mental illness with a network of support. We, as people, can be the medicine we all need."

Versus, who recently inked a deal with Revival Recordings, are proud to announce the release of their forthcoming debut full-length album, The Cardinal out March 3, 2017. To celebrate, the band partnered with Metal Underground to unleash a new single/music video for "Stone Heart," a song about how hard life can be at times and how hard it is to deal with mental illness. "When you feel like the ant under the magnifying glass, it's already an uphill battle and even harder when there's weight holding you down."

YouTube | Stone Heart — Versus (Official Music Video)

The full-length comes with the track "No Safety" that speaks to the uncomfortable feeling (and isolating affect) that drives us to not open up about where we are at mentally.

"Whether that be with your partner or best friend, people dealing with depression and anxiety are good about keeping it all in. That's what gets you there in the first place."

The Cardinal was written entirely by Versus and produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Casey Bates (Memphis May Fire, Chiodos, Pierce The Veil, A Skylit Drive) with assistance from Brandon Boylan (tracking engineer/editing/production), Mack Newman and Josh Kendrick as additional engineers. The album comes just a year after the band's debut EP The Black was released and fans are sure in for a treat!

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