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Alesana Brought Down the House in Mesa

American Rock band Alesana came to Arizona on its Ten Frail Years of Vanity and Wax tour on February 10, 2017.

Cranking up the intensity in Mesa, Arizona at Club Red were band members Dennis Lee (unclean vocals), Shawn Milke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano), Patrick Thompson (lead guitar), Jeremy Bryan (drums, percussion), Shane Crump (bass, backing vocals), and Jake Campbell (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Alesana is signed to Revival Recordings. The band’s most recent album was The Annabel Trilogy Part III: Confessions, which came out in 2016.

Ten years ago in 2007, Alesana released its album called On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax. The band came back to the west coast for a tour which focused mostly on this album from ten years back.

Accompanying Alesana on its tour were four other Rock bands and two local Rock bands from the Phoenix area.

The first band to hit the stage was local band Go Ask Alice. The band consists of members Tyler Samuel (lead vocals), Lane Vassallo (vocals), Schuyler Morgan (lead guitar), Erik Jensen (rhythm guitar), Ryker Gillespie (bass), and Stefan Goodenburger (drums). The band members had intense energy that got the crowd jumping and heads banging.

The band was accompanied by multi-colored lights that matched the Rock vibe of its set. The band members got super into their body movements and certainly hyped the crowd up for the next opener.

Go Ask Alice ended its set with “Devils In the Details” that brought out double the energy and intense lights.

PC: Kiya Gaskin


The next local band to play was Note to Self. The band’s members included Albert Schweizer (vocals), Ben Leon (lead guitar), Brandon Krumbach (rhythm guitar), Nolan Ferger (bass guitar), and Jak Rinaldo (drums). Schweizer was very into the songs and even moshed with the crowd at a few points during the set.

The energy level of the local bands put the crowd in an eager state to watch Alesana.


Vesta Collide, a Rock/Metal band from Detroit, took the stage with some Hardcore music and lots of insync head banging. The band is signed to Stay Sick Recordings. The band members consisted of Mark Pfromm (vocals), Jake Matzkows (guitar/vocals), Kay (Alex) Kuzmanovic (guitar), Alex Honeycutt (bass), and Max Santoro (drums).

The band members of Vesta Collide were very conversational and interacted with the crowd a lot. The crowd got into it and started getting rowdy and pushing people around during the set.

The lights for Vesta Collide weren’t that impressive, but the band’s energy was so overpowering that it was hard to notice.

PC: Kiya Gaskin

PC: Kiya Gaskin


Charlatan, a Noise Pop band from Seattle, performed next. The band’s members included Grey Sorenson (vocals), Austin Heath (guitar, backing vocals), and Tyler Craig (guitar, backing vocals). They are signed with Revival Recordings and will be releasing their upcoming album Remarkable, due out April 7, 2017. Pre-order available.

The members of Charlatan were memorable, to say the least. Each of the band members stripped down into their underwear or some short shorts before the set even started.

Not only that, but Charlatan had multi-colored lights, lots of story-time in between songs, and broke into Smash Mouth’s “Allstar” in the middle of a song.

During one of his songs, the lead singer (Sorenson) jumped into the crowd and gave a fan the microphone to sing into. If nothing else, Charlatan pumped up the crowd for the next act.

PC: Kiya Gaskin

PC: Kiya Gaskin


Versus, a Metal/Progressive Rock band from Seattle, was the next performer. The band is signed to Revival Recordings. The band members consist of Joe Taylor (vocals), Josh Kendrick (guitar/vocals), Mack Newman (guitar), Brandon Boylan (bass), and Anthony Zaragoza (drums). The set started with a bang as the lead singer started crowd-surfing and the drummer smashed the white powder on his drum set.

The band engaged its audience by climbing around the stage and getting the crowd to swing its arms. There was one point in the show where the band stopped for a second and discussed the importance of mental health care and awareness.

During the band’s last song, the audience had its arms raised and fists pumping. Watch for Versus’ full-length album The Cardinal, due out March 3, 2017 (pre-order available here)!


The last opening band to take the stage was For the Win, a Loud Pop Punk band from San Diego. For the Win is signed to Artery Recordings. The band members include Kyle Christensen (vocals), Matt Jimenez (guitar/vocals), Lee Chambers (guitar), Giovanni Suarez (bass/vocals), and Omar Nieto (drums). The crowd seemed to like the band’s vibe from the start, immediately clapping along.

For the Win interacted with the crowd quite a bit and introduced some of its new music from their brand new album Heavy Thoughts, due out April 4, 2017 (pre-order available here). The band had a little more of an Alternative feel than the rest of the openers.

The band closed its set with “Dancing Shoes” during which a lot of the fans started moshing.


A long-awaited performance from Alesana came full swing when the band reached the stage. With explosive music, intense lights, RockNRoll dance moves, and immense amounts of energy, the band kept its fans on their toes.

The lead vocalist (Christensen) frequently moved into the crowd getting fans excited, causing them to move closer to the stage.

Fans were relentlessly singing and screaming along, raising their hands and voices to the ceiling. The powerhouse band make Club Red come alive with Rock music.

The crowd seemed incredibly satisfied with Alesana’s playlist and matched its insane energy. Fans started getting rowdy and moshing around toward the end of the set.

Playing lots of songs off their now ten-year-old album On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax, the band members kept their performance about the music and the fans.

Thanks for bringing the house down, Alesana!

YouTube | Ambrosia – Alesana (Official Music Video)



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