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Pacific Radio Interview — ‘Raise a Toast’ at the “Kitchen Table”

Pacific Radio is a Los Angeles-based rock group bringing back the rough sounds of the 80’s and the creativity of the 90’s as they take on their first album. The band is led by charismatic front man and guitarist Joe Robinson, with Joe Stiteler on bass, Kyle Biane on guitar, and Hyke Shirinian on drums. With their Kitchen Table EP out and a tour in the process, Pacific Radio is on the up and coming, finishing out their tour with a star-studded festival.

Where does the name Pacific Radio come from?

KB: We were originally known by a different name, but that does not matter anymore, after we realized that another band had gained enough ground to push us out of our original name sake, the hunt began. I believe it was after a sound check at Three Clubs in Hollywood and the joke started that we should just sell out and name our band Radioshack… pick up some endorsement checks, maybe some free batteries. The joke was not that funny and there wasn't much laughter to wade through, however it got me thinking of electronic stores, which I do love. My favorite store is called Pacific Radio, once in Hollywood, now in Burbank. The two words also kind of felt like the music to me for some reason. I brought it to the guys and the rest is on Instagram

What kind of sounds and surprises can fans expect on the full-length album you’re working on?

JR: The songs are there structurally, now it's about what sonic direction we want to take them in. Eric Weaver is a very open minded producer so I'm going to try to shake it up, throw stupid ideas out there. We’ll see what sticks.

JS: There are instruments out there that we don’t even know we’re gonna use yet; you’re guess is as good as ours.

KB: If you play it backwards… you will find yourself at the beginning of the record.

Where did you get the inspiration to write this set of songs?

JR: I'm a fan. I listen to everything and tend to over-analyze what makes a song interesting to me. It's usually how a melody fits a progression or an artist’s choice of lyric phrasing. Then I went through a shitty phase in my life and had some things to say. These songs are those things all coming together.

KB: I play guitar… my inspiration mostly is to serve JR’s vision.

When you make music, is it to help yourself, or is it to help others, and why?

JR: I write for what I want to hear and hopefully it turns into something other people want to hear.

KB: I have always loved the fact that the same song can mean different things to different people. So I guess the motivation for my playing comes from me, but I hope that our fans can find their own personal ways to identify with it and in that way find their little bit of ownership for what it means. Music has helped me get through most of my life. Maybe Pacific Radio will help someone else through theirs.

HS: When I play drums, I play for people to enjoy and in turn I get a ton of pleasure!

Where do you hope, this album gets you?

JR: Europe

JS: Wisconsin or Colorado.

KB: To a second album.

HS: I’d really like to keep touring.

And what comes after the album? A full-length headlining tour, more albums, etc.?

JS: Tour for a while, then write an album about touring. Repeat.

KB: Tour and more albums seems like the plan at the moment.

If you could tour anywhere, where would you go as a group?

JR: Europe. Minnesota.

JS: Japan, that shit looks nuts.

KB: I really want to do a big Europe run… then down to China, end in New Zealand.

HS: Play music? I’d play anywhere and everywhere.

What are your favorite types of gigs?

JR: We can make anything work. It's the adventure of being a new band. Strikes and gutters, but even the gutters are working out for us. We are a likeable machine.

JS: The ones where all the equipment works and the parking is reasonable.

KB: I have the most fun whenever the crowd is really energetic.

HS: One’s that feed us.

You’re playing Bottlerock in Napa where legends like Tom Petty are playing, what are you looking forward to most?

JR: It's my first festival performance, I'm looking forward to playing the dang show the most...and the Warren to the G.

JS: I keep imagining us rocking out and crushing it, only to look over and see a few of those rock legends doing the same from the side of the stage; then trying to holler at my woman to the point where I get to break a beer bottle over their head to defend her honor.

KB: The whole experience I think. Being on the same flyer as all those names is humbling. I know we are just the small fish in a the big pond, but just being around some of my favorite bands and these living legends will be awesome.

HS: I'm looking forward to watching some of my favorite bands play on the stage that I just ripped apart.

What’s something that most fans don’t know about you as a group?

JR: We’re all over 6’

JS: We all have siblings.

KB: We have a twitter… @PacRadBand

Pacific Radio’s EP is entitled Kitchen Table was produced by Eric Weaver and is available on ITunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Their title song also has an accompanying music video that shows the bands natural energy and creativity.

YouTube | Kitchen Table – Pacific Radio

Catch the band at the Bottlerock Festival in Napa Valley, California this Memorial Day weekend (Sunday, May 28), tickets can be purchased at here. For other tour dates, visit their site.

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