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SINNER SINNERS Interview | NAMM 2017

Photo compliments of SINNER SINNERS Facebook

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Tour Press Force (TPF) Founder, Monica Demattei met up with the French Rock duo SINNER SINNERS during the NAMM Show 2017. Though they consider themselves a Los Angeles Rock band, the married couple, Steve Thill (Vocals/Guitar) and Sam Thill (Vocals/Keys) originally came from France and the Netherlands. After vacationing in America, and persuaded by the French political climate, the couple relocated to California, married, and founded their band SINNER SINNERS in 2009.

We discussed the many influences behind SINNER SINNERS’ inspiration, the lyrical growing pains when learning a new language and cultural nuance, the challenge with visas and international touring, and of course the upcoming release of their third full-length album Optimism Disorder, on March 7, 2017 via Cadavra Records. Pre-order here.

The Thills were excited to announce that the first music video “Last Drop” off their 11-track album Optimism Disorder would debut the following day (January 20, 2017). “Last Drop” was inspired by a French saying, “la goutte d'eau qui fait déborder le vase” which means, “the drop of water that made the vase overflow.” Similar to how Americans say “the last straw” or “the straw that breaks the camel's back.” The single speaks to the topic of alcoholism and all kinds of other disorders.

SINNER SINNERS attended the NAMM Show 2017 as guests; they are friends with the French luthier, Julien Roure, founder of Sauvage Guitars and Wild Custom Guitars.

We are looking forward to seeing SINNER SINNER perform live when they return from their European Tour. Watch the interview below.

SINNER SINNERS Interview | NAMM 2017 Steve and Sam Thill with Monica Demattei, TPF Founder



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