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Good Ol Joel —AZ Indie Alternative Rock

In rolls in another Phoenix Indie Alternative Rock band—Good Ol Joel, with Brandon (Vocals/Guitar), Cameron (Guitar/Bass), and Maxwell (Drums) who said it themselves, “we are a classic high school rock band.” Founded in 2015, they are still experimenting with their sound and made mention to Math Rock influences, but do not know exactly what genre they fit into.

The music featured in the video is called “Far Away Is Equal To Nothing” and can be found on the band's Soundcloud. During the interview Good Ol Joel said they would be coming out with several singles this Spring. The lead singer of Troubled Minds, Matt Aldawood is recording and producing their debut full-length album Pointless Talks and Meaningless Conversations. Get out to 51 West tonight to see Good Ol Joel and Trouble Minds live!

Good Ol Joel Interview at 51 West in Tempe, AZ | 01.25.17

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