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Versus Interview - What Becomes of a Tyrant's Empty Fate?

Interview by Kiya Gaskin | Videography by Nahnalah_G

Tour Press Force (TPF) met up with several bands on Alesana's Ten Frail Years of Vanity and Wax Tour during its stop at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona on February 10, 2017. Check out our review of the tour!

Versus, the five-piece Progressive Rock Nu Metal Grunge band hailing from Seattle, WA, who recently inked a deal with Revival Recordings were proud to announce their debut full-length, The Cardinal, out on March 3, 2017.

Kiya Gaskin (TPF), sat down with Versus at Club Red before their show to discuss their current run on tour, the forthcoming debut of their LP The Cardinal, the supportive work relationship they have with their label, and most importantly the mission behind their message.

"We carry a very emotional performance that brings the show to an emotionally visible experience whether you are listening to the record or seeing it live. It's very emotionally alive both ways," said Joe Taylor (Vocals), Josh Kendrick (Guitar/Vocals), Mack Newman (Guitar), Brandon Boylan (Bass), and Anthony Zaragoza (Drums). Without ‘sounding cliche’, the band felt they had matured with this album.

Versus shared their passion to spread a message of hope for individuals battling mental illness after first-hand losing someone significant to them. It is their mission to help each and every person they come in contact with. The two music videos released in advance of the LP, “Stone Heart” and “No Safety”, directed by Chris Vergara (I Shoot In the Front) begin to unravel the cause, “Whether that be with your partner or best friend, people dealing with depression and anxiety are good about keeping it all in. That's what gets you there in the first place.”

The band shared that there would be at least six additional videos to continue The Cardinal's message. “There isn't an easy way out of the noise that can overcome your mind, but with understanding that there are a lot of us in the same boat we can fight mental illness with a network of support. We, as people, can be the medicine we all need.” Versus continued to address their concern about how the changes to healthcare accessibility would further impact mentally-struggling people, which speaks to ‘What Becomes of a Tyrant's Empty State’—,“If the system is gonna get worse, the people have to get better. We have to unify and help each other.”

Watch the interview.

Versus Interview with Kiya Gaskin at Club Red | 02.10.17

The debut full length album The Cardinal is out NOW! Grab a copy today!

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