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Weslynn to Premiere “Black” (Official Music Video) 3.10.17

Fresh off their first West Coast tour, Arizona's Indie Pop Rock band WESLYNN will be premiering their official music video for the single “Black” off their EP Black + Champagne, March 10, 2017.

Last we met up with WESLYNN, Jared Geyer (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard), Greg Olin (Guitar), and Kevin Holmes (Drums) were returning from a year-long hiatus; check out the WESLYNN feature on AZ Homegrown – New and Local Music.

WESLYNN had returned to the scene Fall 2016 to launch their new five track EP Black + Champagne, leading off with the single titled “Strange Feelings.” They were stoked about the quality and experience with the producer, “This last record we did with Dan Parker. He's awesome, he really took this album to a whole other level.”

Fast-forward to today, WESLYNN has just returned from their first West Coast tour. Tomorrow they will premiere their official music video for the single “Black” that was shot and directed by Cory Davis, Yellowbox Films. Davis helped to visually craft the sleek, sexy, and sensual edge for the mood that resonates from the song “Black.”

Check out these ‘sneak peek’ frames from the “Black” music video!

Keep up with the latest from WESLYNN and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

The band originally founded in Fall of 2013, three Arizona State University schoolmates and long-time friends (Geyer, Olin, and Holmes) began to play music under the band name WESLYNN. The group gained their hometown fanbase in Phoenix, AZ by playing local coffee shops, cover gigs, and releasing original home recordings online. The following year they released their first EP Dark Days. In May 2015, the single “What Went Wrong” drew the attention of Cronkite News at ASU in which the band made the following statement, “Everything we have been through has brought us closer together. We have individually had so many personal trials, that when we start playing music, it all fades away. The world is constantly changing and throwing tragedy into our lives, but WESLYNN has given us the opportunity to rally around each other and made us even closer friends. This music is a direct response to those hard times of love and loss.” They draw their inspiration from bands such as Augustana, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Queen, and classic pop rock bands. With smooth vocals, haunting harmonies, and grooving guitar vibes, WESLYNN's mature sound and style reaches people of all ages. The band continues to focus on writing new music. Check out the woman-lead full service artist management group behind WESLYNN, Square 1 Creative Management!

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