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Young the Giant Returns to Arizona

Young the Giant stopped in Tempe for its Home of the Strange tour on February 7, 2017. Introducing their new jams to the Tempe crowd at The Marquee were band members Sameer Gadhia (lead vocals and percussion), Eric Cannata (guitar), François Comtois (drums), Payam Doostzadeh (bass guitar), and Jacob Tilley (guitar).

Young the Giant is signed with Fueled By Ramen. The band had not released any new music since 2014 until its first single off its new album called “Amerika” was released in April of 2016.

The last time Young the Giant was in Arizona was for its headlining performance at the free Chipotle Cultivate Music Festival in Phoenix last April. Due to unfortunate weather conditions, Young the Giant wasn’t able to perform and fans were left anticipating its return on tour for the new album Home of the Strange released in August 2016.

Joining Young the Giant on its Home of the Strange tour was Lewis Del Mar, an experimental Pop duo from Rockaway Beach, New York City signed with Columbia Records and Startime International. Lewis Del Mars consists of Danny Miller (singer and guitarist) and Max Harwood (drummer and producer).

Lewis Del Mar opened its set with “Puerto Cabezas, NI” and segued into its eclectic set, setting the vibe for Young the Giant. Miller had incredible stage presence and awesome energy.

Photo by Emma Sounart

The band’s stage setup was visually pleasing with a variety of purple, blue, and red lights. Although a great opener for fans of Young the Giant, the band’s sound quality was poor through the speakers.

The crowd ate up the band’s act from start to finish, engaging with the band through clapping and jamming along. Lewis Del Mar strengthened its set by having great beginning, middle, and end songs to create a cohesive flow to its setlist. The duo ended its set with “Loud(y).”

Photo by Emma Sounart

YouTube | Such Small Scenes – Lewis Del Mar


Fans chattered amongst themselves as the stage was being decorated with a multitude of flags and set up with equipment for Young the Giant’s performance.

The lights were out and the music started, making the crowd go wild. Young the Giant took the stage with “Jungle Youth” off its newest album to start.

The band played some of its new songs including “Titus Was Born” and “Something to Believe In” before transitioning the set into some old ones off its first album. Fans rejoiced at the sound of oldies such as “Cough Syrup” and “I Got.”

With a really exciting and energetic start to the set, Young the Giant slowed it down with “Firelight” off Mind Over Matter and “Elsewhere” off Home of the Strange. The crowd pulled out its modern-day lighters (now called iPhone flashlights) and swayed along to the sweet vocals of Gadhia.

The band’s sound quality was remarkable from the front to the back of the venue, and the band sounded a lot better through the speakers.

The length of the set was on the longer side, but it was very appropriate since there was only one opener. The fans were still begging for more when the band began to wrap things up.

After playing their title song “Home of the Strange,” the band members exited the stage and fans chanted “encore” and “one more song” in hopes that they would come back and play some more.

Young the Giant came back to the stage with three outstanding encore songs: “Amerika,” “Silvertounge,” and “My Body.” All of the fans, new and old, put on their dancing shoes and completely lost themselves in the last song, “My Body.”

Young the Giant made sure to leave Tempe with an unforgettable concert experience with the crowd jumping up and down and banging their heads.

The band’s setlist was a great variety of new and old songs. Although some of its long-time fans may have preferred a few more off the band’s second album Mind Over Matter, the band had a good mix throughout its set and introduced some crowd favorites off Home of the Strange.

The stage setup was intriguing to the audience and enhanced the band’s set. From classic white and colored lights to sparkling lights in the background, the stage looked exciting and matched the vibe of the show.

The venue was sold out, packed from front to back and into the balcony. Everyone seemed to enjoy his or her evening from comments from fans after the show and the growing lines at the merchandise tables.

Thanks for bringing the new album to Tempe, Young the Giant! You can catch the band at another one of the Home of the Strange tour dates listed on the band’s site here or on its Spotify.

YouTube | Nothing’s Over (In the Open) – Young the Giant

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