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Girls night out at the Rebel Lounge

Girls know how to rock, and this night was no exception. On January 11, female musicians dominated the Rebel Lounge with powerhouse vocals and sounds that were out of this world. Doll Skin, Deirdre, Letters from the Fire, and Stitched Up Heart proved that women hold a valuable place in the music business.

For Doll Skin to be as young as they are, they don’t play with an ounce of inexperience. The young women were featured in an Alternative Press article, naming them to be one of the top seven bands under the age of 21 to watch out for. The girls did live up to the high praise Alternative Press gave them; their Punk Rock sound is phenomenal. Lead singer Sydney Dolezal sang with the confidence of a seasoned performer. She and the rest of her bandmates looked born to play in front of audiences. Speaking of bandmates, the instrumentation and backing vocals brought in by Alex Snowden, Nicole Rich, and Meghan Herring were stellar. The crowd fed off their energy and the Rebel Lounge came alive. Doll Skin will be a force to reckoned with in the music industry.

Photo by Nahnalah_G

Photo by Nahnalah_G

Vevo | Wring Me Out – Doll Skin


Just by looking at Dierdre, no one would be able to tell that she could sing with so much force. Her Rock ‘n Roll sound is blast from the past that is greatly appreciated. Her astounding, raspy vocals paired with the classic, rich sound from her backing band set her apart from the others. Although she is heavily inspired by her female Rock predecessors, Dierdre is certainly anything but a copycat. She adds her own flair to each and every song, given her a unique edge in today’s scene. It’s no surprise Dierdre has many fans; she gives Rock ‘n Roll a fresh sound.

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Letters from the Fire featured another power vocalist frontwoman. Alexa Kabazie and her bandmates put on a low key, yet emotionally charged show. Kabazie was full of angst and let the audience know it. Letters from the Fire’s songs were gritty and painful, and that is the reason why the audience loved them. While the band was technically talented, they had a sort of aloofness that made their performance off putting. The set seemed to lack effort on the singer’s part. But overall, the group put on a show that was quality.

PC: Kiya Gaskin

YouTube | Worth the Pain – Letters From the Fire (Official Video)


Stitched Up Heart was worth waiting until the end of the night to see. Frontwoman Mixi did not disappoint her devoted fans; she put on a great set. It’s not everyday that someone with her unique abilities plays shows. Most women in the scene do not scream in their music. However, Mixi screamed ruggedly and sang with a soft, mellow voice, showing her versatility in singing style. One thing was weird though, Mixi ran off the stage after each song during the set, which was confusing and concerning. But the headbanging and phenomenal vocals made up for it. Stitched Up Heart captivated the crowd with ease.

PC: Kiya Gaskin

Vevo | Catch Me When I Fall – Stitched Up Heart

Seeing women succeed in the male dominated music industry is fantastic. These women will hopefully inspire other women and young girls to follow their dreams. Doll Skin, Deirdre, Letters from the Fire, and Stitched up will do great things in the local music scene and all over the country.

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