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Keeping It Real with Emarosa

Warped In Reverse - Episode #14 Interview by Cosmic-A (Monica Demattei) | Transcription by Kiya Gaskin | Photography by Taryn Poe

Kentucky based Post-Hardcore band, Emarosa, was far away from home when Tour Press Force caught up with them at the Phoenix, Arizona tour date of Vans Warped Tour 2016.

Emarosa is: Bradley Scott Walden, ER White, Jordan Stewart, and Matthew Marcellus. The band is signed to Hopeless Records and their latest release was their new music video “Sure” off their album ‘131’.

While on tour, Emarosa dropped their album 131. The band was excited to have new music to release and play for the large crowds at Warped.

“The album came out July 8,” Matt Marcellus said. “We’re incredibly excited about it. We had the privilege of recording it with a gentleman by the name of Casey Bates. It was a really smooth process, and we couldn’t be any happier or prouder with it. We want everyone to check it out and at least give it a chance.”

When making their album, Emarosa did not strive for overall theme or message. They stick to doing what feels right to them and what they feel sounds good, which cannot always be forced into a set of boundaries.

“We don’t really try to adhere to any specific genre or anything,” Marcellus said. “We try to ‘vibe out’ and write music that we enjoy and that feels right to us. Lyrically, a lot of it is very open for interpretation, and I think that’s one of the best parts of music in general because someone can take a song and it can be written about their car and someone else can interpret it about a relationship or a completely different thing. It’s all up to you.”

Photo by Taryn Poe

There were no central inspirations either. The album came to be on sense of what was right, and the end product just made sense.

“We all just had the mentality that we wanted to write the best songs we possibly could,” Marcellus said. “We sat down every day with the goal to write at least one to three songs. We did that, and then we went into the studio and everything just made sense.”

Due to distance, it is difficult for the band to be in one place and write songs. Despite this, Emarosa has developed a unique way of writing songs.

“E writes a lot of song structures and ideas ahead of time,” Marcellus explained. “Bradley will start writing some melodies over that. We’ll start adding parts back and forth.

“We do live nine hours apart…so we send a lot of iPhone ideas and we use an app called Positive Grid. It’s a great source to jam and record ideas and send them back and forth.”

Emarosa’s Warped Tour experience was all they hoped it would be. They had great crowd turn out, and their dedicated fans showed up knowing the lyrics to their new songs.

After the tour, Emarosa headed overseas to headline shows and push their album. Emarosa has released several videos for 131 to keep fans involved and coming back to their music.

For those who could not catch Emarosa’s set during Warped Tour or those who just want to see them again, they are starting their next U.S. tour April 17 in Lansing, Michigan. Emarosa will be headlining and Chapel and Cedar Green will be supporting.

YouTube | Sure – Emarosa (Official Music Video)

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Stay tuned for more Warped In Reverse! And do not fret, there are only 71 more days until Warped Tour!

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