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Charlatan Interview – You Can Do Anything You Want

Tour Press Force (TPF) met up with several bands on Alesana's Ten Frail Years of Vanity and Wax Tour during its stop at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona on February 10, 2017. Check out our review of the tour!

Charlatan Interview – You Can Do Anything You Want

We sat down with Utah based Scrap Metal band, Charlatan, to discuss their run on Alesana's Ten Frail Years of Vanity and Wax Tour and their debut album ‘Remarkable’ that was released today, April 7, 2017 via Revival Recordings.

Grey Sorenson (vocals), Austin Heath (guitar/back vocals), and Tyler Craig (guitar/back vocals), the band members of Charlatan, can be defined by their willingness to embrace the odd and taboo by poking fun at reality through sarcasm, irony and humor to show taking things too seriously only limits people in expressing their ideas. Armed with their goofy antics, songs that meander playfully through the spectrum of genre, and the poetic/hard-hitting musings of frontman, Grey, they are determined to stand out amongst a sea of cliches. Whether it is with their goofy antics or their thought provoking music videos, Charlatan has managed to emphasize their unique brand of humor and respect for dialogue in every possible aspect. With the release of their new record, Charlatan has a message to share with the masses: “Read. Think for yourself. Ask questions. Listen. Take risks.”

Check out the exclusive premiere release of Charlatan's single “Cvn't Destroy Her” on Pure Grain Audio!

YouTube | The Sick Nasty – Charlatan (Official Music Video)

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Instagram: @wearecharlatan

Interview + Photography by Kiya Gaskin | Videography by Nahnalah_G | Video Production by Monica Demattei


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