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The New Reign Tour Reigns Down In Worcester

Last month on Saturday March 11, 2017 The New Reign Tour stopped in Worcester, MA at the legendary Palladium on Main St. The tour package was stacked with talented Metal/Rock bands including Born Of Osiris, Volumes, Within The Ruins, Oceans Ate Alaska, and Fire From the Gods. This lineup drew in an enormous crowd of metal-heads from all over and they arrived ready to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Born Of Osiris' album The New Reign.


Playing right before the tour package, Rhode Island based band Barbarian took to the stage in the upstairs venue at the Palladium and the fans were loving every minute of their set. Not being a band for too long, Barbarian has gained serious attention and fans from the New England area. Their set was up close and personal and guitarists Mike Levesque and Vinnie Bellows, drummer Nate Botelho and bassist Brett Long along with vocalist Mike Carp intimately connected with fans face to face who screamed their lyrics back to them through the microphone. Barbarian is heading out on the Generation of Ignorance tour this month from April 6th - April 15th with Ana Sapphira and This Curse, definitely catch a show if the tour stops in your neck of the woods!

Barbarian - "The Needle" Official Music Video


First on the tour lineup was Texas band Fire From the Gods whom absolutely brought the heat. Signed to Rise Records, this hardcore act includes vocalist AJ Channer, guitarists Jameson Teat and Drew Walker, bassist Bonner Baker and drummer Richard Wicander and the group flawlessly blends Metal and Hip Hop elements with a touch of Reggae influence to produce songs with sick beats and powerful messages. Their debut album Narrative is out now and you can catch them on tour this month with Volumes as well as all summer long on Vans Warped Tour!

Fire From The Gods - End Transmission (Official Music Video)


All the way from across the pond, UK band Oceans Ate Alaska was up next and the crowd went HARD during their set. The band members include drummer Chris Turner, guitarists James Kennedy and Adam Zytkiewicz, bassist Mike Stanton and vocalist Jake Noakes. Keeping consistent with the Metal theme of the tour, the band's set was heavy, melodic, and filled with harsh, growling vocals. Inspired by one of the world's largest tsunami's that destroyed the coastline of Alaska in 1958, Oceans Ate Alaska's name perfectly suits them with their loud, fast-paced music that can be both unpredictable and emotional. Signed to Fearless Records, the band's latest album Lost Isles is out now! Oceans Ate Alaska is scheduled to play the popular UK festival Slam Dunk in May and are set to headline the Tech-Fest tour across the UK in June with Napoleon and more special guests to be announced!

Oceans Ate Alaska - High Horse (Official Music Video)


Next up was Metal band Within The Ruins, and this was their hometown show as they hail from Westfield, MA. The crowd was especially hyped for this band to play because many had seen them play countless time around the area. This New England based band consists of vocalist Tim Goergen, guitarist Joe Cocchi, bassist Paolo Galang, and drummer Kevin "Drummer" McGuill, and fans felt nostalgic and proud to see the band on such an epic tour and how far they've come since they first started out several years ago. The crowd chanted back the bands lyrics of both their older songs and their brand new songs off their album Halfway Human which dropped at the beginning of last month on March 3, 2017. Fans were filled with intense excitement as they heard songs from this album for the first time. Within The Ruins is on Good Fight Music's record label and are embarking on the Saved By The Breakdown Tour along with Upon A Burning Body, Kublai Khan and Coldcasket from April 25th til May 15th.

Within The Ruins - Objective Reality


Rock band Volumes hit the stage next and as expected, they brought exuberant amounts of energy, noise, and bright lights. Their set did not disappoint and vocalists Gus Farias and Myke Terry were not afraid to step up on the barrier separating the band from the fans and reach out their microphones for the crowd to chant back their lyrics. Gus and Myke also dove into the crowd and sang their lyrics while crowd surfing on top of a sea of people. Also in the band are members Diego Farias who plays guitar, Raad Soudani the bassist, and drummer Nick Ursich. Volumes is signed to Fearless Records and have a new album Different Animals currently available for preorder with a release date set for June 9, 2017. You can catch them on their own headlining tour later this month with Fire From The Gods from April 23 - May 13, 2017.

Volumes - On Her Mind [feat. Pouya] (Official Music Video)


Celebrating the 10th year anniversary of their first studio album release The New Reign, Metal band Born Of Osiris closed out the night with an epic performance. The group is comprised of vocalist Ronnie Canizaro, guitarist Lee Mckinney, keyboardist Joe Buras, bassist David DaRocha, and drummer Cameron Losch and their impressive light show displayed an array of striking colors that went in sync to their music. Smoke clouds filled the air and fans were on their feet for the entire set. Crowd surfers filled the room left and right, which kept security busy for the remainder of the night as old school fans were eager to get up in the air and scream the lyrics of songs from an album released a ten whole years ago on October 2, 2007. Born of Osiris, which is signed to Sumerian Records, re-recorded all of their songs on The New Reign album and included a brand new song entitled 'Glorious Day' on their album The Eternal Reign which is out now! The New Reign Tour was a night to remember and was filled with many talented Hardcore Metal acts.

Born Of Osiris - Empires Erased (Official Music Video)

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