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Bad Suns End Its Heartbreaker Tour in Tucson

Bad Suns closed its Heartbreaker Tour at 191 Toole in Tucson on March 20, 2017.

Bringing their old and new jams to the stage were band members Christo Bowman (vocals), Miles Morris (drums), Ray Libby (guitar), and Gavin Bennett (bass).

Bad Suns had just come off a tour in October and November showcasing the band’s newest album Disappear Here until it launched into another smaller tour to start off 2017. The band stopped in Phoenix in November on its Disappear Here tour, but the last time it came to Tucson was in June of 2016 at Hotel Congress where the band first debuted Disappear Here.

Bad Suns are signed by Vagrant Records. The latest single off Disappear Here is “Heartbreaker,” appropriately fitting the tour name.

The opener for Bad Suns during this tour was From Indian Lakes, an American Indie Rock band originally from Coarsegold, California. From Indian Lakes are signed by Triple Crown Records and the band’s most recent album called Everything Feels Better Now came out in 2016.

Although From Indian Lakes have a different style of music than Bad Suns, the fans were still eagerly awaiting the band’s set to start off the evening.

Band members Joey Vannucchi (vocalist), Justin Stanphill (guitar), Enrique Gutierrez (keys), Tohm Ifergan (drums), and Chris Kellogg (bass) hit the stage and immediately won the crowd over with their amazing vibe.

The music was soft and intricately played so the audience was left swaying and grooving throughout the entire set. The indie roots were infused with soft vocals from Vannucchi and amazing keys from Gutierrez. The band members even brought out some tambourines and bell percussion to spice things up a bit.

Vannucchi had small interactions with the crowd that were just enough to transition from song to song but not so much as to take away from the set. The fans matched the band’s vibe and energy.

Although the band’s lights weren’t as intriguing as its set, the band had great stage presence and the From Indian Lakes members seemed really in sync with one another.

YouTube | Blank Tapes – From Indian Lakes (Official Video)


Fans started to fill up the sold out venue and the crowd size doubled by the time From Indian Lakes finished its set.

Fans were starting to check their watches, wondering and guesstimating what time Bad Suns would take the stage.

When the lights turned down, the energy turned up. The crowd responded incredibly well to Bad Suns’ energy in the first song “Disappear Here.”

Fans were cheering, dancing, and shouting along to Bad Suns’ set. The band started off with some new ones like “Patience” and “Even in My Dreams, I Can’t Win” and threw in some old ones off Language & Perspective like “Dancing On Quicksand” and “We Move Like The Ocean.”

The band’s stage lights brought a great element to the energy of the set and Bowman got the fans really hyped up. He used the stage really well and seized every opportunity to interact with the crowd, whether it was crowd surfing or striking up a mini soliloquy.

The crowd got especially wild every time Bowman physically went into the crowd, specifically during “Sleep Paralysis” when he stepped out onto the crowd going back pretty far toward the front middle. All of the fans rushed up to the front and the energy level in the room tripled.

During “Transpose,” Bowman encouraged the fans to clap and groove around creating a lot of energy.

About half way through the set, the crowd completely let the music take over and were able to get super into the songs.

Bowman went into a little speech saying that the first ever Bad Suns concert was five years ago on March 20, bringing back a lot of sentimental memories and making the last night of the Heartbreaker Tour even more special.

Bad Suns closed its set with a few new ones including “Violet” and “Outskirts of Paradise” leading into “Cardiac Arrest.”

The band almost had the crowd fooled that there wasn’t going to be an encore, but the lights stayed down, so the fans cheered for Bad Suns to take the stage for a few more.

Bad Suns came out for three more songs to close out the night with incredible energy from both the band and the crowd. The band played “Rearview,” “Heartbreaker,” and “Salt” before it left the crowd. Each band member played in such a way that it seemed as if it was his last show ever.

Thank you for always coming back to Arizona, Bad Suns. Make sure and catch one of the band’s Outskirts of Paradise Summer Tour starting in May. You can find the tour dates on the band’s website here.

Listen to Bad Suns on Spotify.

YouTube | Disappear Here - Bad Suns (Official Music Video)

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