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Broadside Talks Touring Woes

Warped In Reverse, Episode #15

Interview by Cosmic-A (Monica Demattei) | Transcription by Kiya Gaskin

Tour Press Force is throwing it back to Warped Tour 2016 again, this time with Broadside.

Broadside is an East Coast Pop Punk band. The group formed in late 2010. The creative minds behind Broadside are: bassist Patrick Diaz, guitarist Dorian Cooke, guitarist Niles Gibbs, and vocalist Ollie Baxxter.

Broadside is signed to Victory Records and have been gaining traction within the scene since the release of their album Old Bones.

TPF talked with Dorian Cooke of Broadside to see how the tour had been going.

Like most bands, Broadside was having a blast on Warped Tour and making the most out of everyday.

“I’m enjoying the hell out of it,” Cooke said. “It’s been fun. It’s been challenging. I’ve been learning a lot – gearing up on knowledge of what to do, what not to do.”

With many lessons to be learned, there were also many things to be concerned about, like maintaining proper health while on the road. Cooke said that being healthy is one of the hardest things to accomplish while on tour.

“Sometimes you can’t help but eat unhealthy or not at all,” Cooke said. “You’re wearing down. You don’t get a lot of sleep. Your immune system gets low and you get sick pretty easily.”

Vevo | Come & Go – Broadside

Broadside did not let these touring woes get the best of them last summer. They accomplished a successful run on Warped and headed out last fall on yet another tour.

At the time, Cooke said the group was planning to start their next album early this year. Cooke described the group’s writing process as a collaborative project.

“It’s definitely a conjoined effort,” he said, “but I do a lot of the arranging and writing musically. Whereas, Ollie does a lot of the writing lyrically. And everyone pitches in ideas for melodies.”

Although not much has been said about this new album, Broadside just celebrated the two year anniversary of their song “Coffee Talk”.

To hear that song as well as many others, catch Broadside opening for Real Friends starting April 27. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Check back next Wednesday for another Warped In Reverse. And don’t look so sad! Warped Tour begins in 64 days!

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