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Early 2000s Throwback Night at The Marquee

Photo by Nahnalah_G

A hush fell over Tempe on April 21, 2017 as kids and teens settled in for the night. Meanwhile, adults shook the dust from their well-loved Taking Back Sunday shirts and pulled themselves up from the depths of their Emo-Punk retirement. Everyone’s early 2000s favorite bands, Say Anything and Bayside, brought the older millennial crowd out of hiding for a night. The two bands along with Reggie and the Full Effect dug up the past and brought a nostalgia-fueled energy to The Marquee.

Photo by Nahnalah_G

Reggie and the Full Effect took the stage first and gave an exceptionally mediocre performance.

Reggie and the Full Effect is fronted by James Dewees. The Punk band is signed to Pure Noise Records. Reggie and the Full Effect’s most recent album, No Country for Old Musicians, was released in 2013.

For almost 20 years, Reggie and the Full Effect have been playing shows at the Marquee. While the group is no stranger to the music scene, they seem to not know what great music sounds like. To be fair, Reggie and the Full effect were probably on the tour more for comic relief than they were to play actual music.

The band played a set full of restorative Punk; it was chock full of the classic arrangements, but it was elevated with synthesizers. The backing music was technically good, but the songs were tremendously lacking in the lyrics department. But again, the set seemed to be all fun and games and was not supposed to be taken seriously at all. And that is okay. Not all music needs to have a deep meaning and inspire people to live better lives; there needs to music that people can just have fun with.

And have fun people did. About a quarter of the crowd recognized Reggie and the Full Effect. They were singing along and dancing. People were having a good time.

Overall, Reggie and the Full Effect was like the weird, unstable uncle of Bowling for Soup. They were enjoyable to watch, but not something to be listened to on a regular basis.

Setlist: Happy V-Day; Take Me Home, Please; Girl, Why’d You Run Away?; Megan Is My Friend to the Max; Kanji Tattoos…Still in Style???; Congratulations Smack and Katy; Get Well Soon

Photo by Nahnalah_G

Vevo | Take Me Home Please – Reggie and the Full Effect

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Photo by Nahnalah_G

Bayside brought the original Pop Punk sound that the show desperately needed.

Pop Punk band Bayside is signed to Hopeless Records. Bayside is: vocalist and guitarist Anthony Raneri, lead guitarist Jack O’Shea, bassist Nick Ghanbarian, and drummer Chris Guglielmo. Their latest album, Vacancy, is out now.

Bayside allowed the over 30 crowd to revisit their angsty teenage years. Their set sparked one of the loudest crowd sing-alongs of the night.

Their set started out dark and mellow but it ended with a high. Bayside were returning Pop Punk to its roots. There was intense crowd surfing and the crowd was suddenly a sea of pumping fists and raging emotion.

Photo by Nahnalah_G

It was obvious that Bayside has aged since they began doing music, but they still brought it. They played for a packed house, and there was wall to wall rocking out. The Marquee was shaking Tempe. The only thing of criticism about their whole set was the little crowd interaction, but it kept the show moving.

Bayside revitalized true Pop Punk, restoring faith in some of the older crowd. Bayside’s set was sick, sick, sick indeed.

Setlist: They Looked Like Strong Hands; Already Gone; Sick, Sick, Sick; They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns; Duality; Masterpiece; The Whitest Lie; Blame It on Bad Luck; Montauk; Mary; Hello Shitty; Big Cheese; I and I; (Pop)ular Science; Devotion and Desire

YouTube | Mary – Bayside (Official Music Video)

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Photo by Nahnalah_G

Say Anything ended the night with a little comedy and a healthy dose of Emo.

Say Anything is a Pop Punk/Indie Rock group signed to Equal Vision Records. On February 5, 2016, Say Anything released their seventh full-length album, I Don't Think It Is. Say Anything consists of vocalist Max Bemis, bassist Garron DuPree, guitarist Parker Case, drummer Reed Murray, and guitarist Kenny Bridges.

Say Anything really had everyone’s inner teen clawing its way to the surface. Their hybrid Emo-Pop Punk music was everything the world has been missing.

Photo by Nahnalah_G

Unlike the first two bands, Say Anything was moving around. Frontman Bemis was jumping and kicking like no time had passed at all. He was like a one man mosh pit – crazy and entertaining. The crowd fed off his energy and moshed and hopped around.

Say Anything brought out the child in everyone, making it easy to let loose and truly enjoy the show.

Say Anything was the best way to end the show. They played Alive with the Glory of Love and everyone lit up. This popular song made everyone go insane.

Photo by Nahnalah_G

This was a much needed comeback for Say Anything. They were beginning to fade away, but this solidified their place in the music scene.

The dynamic duo that was Say Anything and Bayside made for a spectacular show.

Setlist: Do Better; Shiksa (Girlfriend); Belt; Slowly, Through a Vector; Hate Everyone; Jiminy, Peace Out; Night Song; Nibble Nibble; Signal the Riflemen; Give a Damn; Six Six Six; The Presidential Suite; Alive with the Glory of Love; Spidersong; Every Man Has a Molly

YouTube | Give A Damn – Say Anything (Official Music Video)

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This concert reminded the world that old does not mean bad. There is nothing wrong with a classic; they never go out of style. Although Reggie and the Full Effect was an unnecessary group to have on the tour package, it did not take away from the overall show. Bayside and Say Anything were killing it over a decade ago and they are still killing it all this time later. They have lasted this long because they have no shortage of quality music, and they show no signs of ever slowing down. It is definitely too soon to be counting either one of them out.Save

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