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Empire of the Sun Lit Up Comerica Theatre

Empire of the Sun took the stage in Phoenix on April 18, 2017 to perform for fans awaiting the band’s hits like “High and Low” and Walking on a Dream.”

The band consists of members Luke Steele (lead vocals/guitars/keyboards), Ian Ball (guitar), Olly Peacock (drums) and Alex Berry (bass).

Empire of the Sun is an Electronic band originally from Sydney, Australia who released its newest albumTwo Vines in October of 2016.

The band is currently signed by Capitol Records.

Fans slowly filled up the pit and lower level of Comerica Theatre before the opening band Broods took the stage.

Broods consists of siblings Georgia Nott (lead vocals) and Caleb Nott (production/backing vocals/multi-instrumentalist).

Together, the brother and sister duo make the Indie-Pop band originally from Nelson, New Zealand.

They are also currently signed by Capitol Records.

Broods electrified the stage with its incredible stage presence and intriguing sound.

If the fans weren’t already familiar with Broods, they were now. Georgia made incredible use of the stage and shocked the audience with her amazing vocals and musical capability.

Although looking at Broods and Empire of the Sun as separate entities might not same like a great pairing, Broods was a great opener for Empire of the Sun and most definitely hyped up the crowd.

Both Georgia and Caleb performed with all of their body, mind, and soul. The crowd reacted really well toward them, especially during their last song.

Vevo | Heartlines – Broods


If Broods weren’t electrifying enough, the unique stage presence of Empire of the Sun took the night to a new level.

With incredible lights to a unique sound to hard-hitting back-up dancers, Empire of the Sun redefined performance.

The band started with “Friends” and played a lot of their hits including “Two Vines” and “High and Low”, which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

Fans were consistently jumping up and down doing everything possible to embrace every moment in the concert.

The stage was set up to have a variety of levels so Steele could go to the front of the stage near the pit to the back of the stage on a higher level for the entire arena to see.

Empire of the Sun not only had a variety of music but a variety of outfits. At one point, Peacock, Ball, and Berry had hats with long black tassels and Steele was draped in a cape strung with white lights.

The energy of the band’s music was equally matched by the band members and was infectious to the crowd.

“Walking on a Dream” made the crowd erupt with excitement as everyone belted along with the lyrics.

Most of the time, back-up dancers can take away from the set instead of add to it, but in this case, the dancers added an element of uniqueness and further set the band’s set apart from others.

The band ended its set with “Tiger by My Side” until they returned for the encore during which the band played “Standing on the Shore” and “Alive.”

Blown away, the crowd left the arena so energized by the spectacular performance.

Thanks for bringing your incredible sound to Phoenix, Empire of the Sun! You can catch them on the rest of the band’s tour on its website here or listen to them on Spotify.

Vevo | High and Low – Empire of the Sun (Capitol Tower Performance)

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