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Pop Punk in the Desert: New Beginnings with Old Friends

When we think Pop Punk, we think khaki shorts, empty pizza boxes, and having a good

time with your friends. This is exactly what Phoenix based, Pop Punk band, Innocent Elaine

embodies. The first time I saw this band was at Arizona Bike Week 2017 on April 8 at

WestWorld of Scottsdale. I remember being super blown away with the way they presented

themselves on stage. The members of this band consist of Jay Norton (lead guitar/lead vocals),

Colton Harrison (bass guitar/vocals), and Brandon McCarthy (drums/vocals). Local bands are

probably my favorite shows because of the passion and drive you can see in the individual

members on stage. Their most recent album release is Identity Crisis (released on April 17, 2017). The Innocent Elaine album release show took place at Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Center on April 21, 2017. Opening acts consisted of People Who Could Fly and Analog Outlaws.

Both set the mood really preparing the audience for what was coming to them.

When I walked into Alice Cooper’s Teen Center that night, I remember feeling such a

positive ambiance throughout the entire venue. People Who Could Fly, a Phoenix based Indie

Pop band, started the show off with high energy and such positivity. The band describes

themselves as a cross between Walk the Moon and Two Door Cinema Club. People Who Could

Fly is consisted of James Mills (Lead Vocals), Jacob Paige (Bass/Keys), and Josh Paige (Drums). Every song played, even covers were done in such a way that captivated the entire audience’s attention. My personal favorite song played was their cover of “R U Mine?” by Arctic Monkeys. Every guitar riff was nailed perfectly; almost better than the original song itself. The use of neon and very cool color lighting techniques were a popular theme among this band. It gave off a feeling of calmness and serenity; however, the band perceived a feeling of very high energy. People Who Could Fly’s most recent release is Neon Electric EP (released on January 13, 2016, published via People Who Could Fly). The audience responded quite positively and fed off of the energy thrown at them, people such as myself who have never seen them before, were very impressed with their talents. My favorite aspect of this set was how everything flowed together so effortlessly. The artists seemed to become one with their instruments. People Who Could Fly has a very particular way of

drawing in the audience and making them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Check out People Who Could Fly’s website to stay updated on their most recent ventures!

YouTube | Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People) - People Who Could Fly cover

YouTube | Taking Me Over – People Who Could Fly

Follow People Who Could Fly on social media:

Twitter: @PWCFOfficial


Analog Outlaws took the stage next. They have been described as the bridge between the

old and the new in the genre of Southern Rock. Members consist of Eddie Eberle (Vocals/Guitar),

Alex Cantu (Guitar), Zach Huber (Bass), and Christian Champion (Drums). Their most recent

album release was Open Road (released on January 20, 2017, published via Analog Outlaws,

copyright 2017 Eddie Eberle). They are very energetic and interact quite well with each other on

stage and are sure to include the audience in their songs. They were also persistent on making

sure the audience knew every single one of their names and made sure that credit was given

where it was due. This is a very important aspect of being in a band; you not only want people to

know the band as a whole but who the members are as individuals. Lighting that was used during

their set had warm undertones and reflected the happiness and positivity they were radiating off

into the audience. They played many original songs such as “Drive Away” and “Upside Down.”

Although, well executed Led Zeppelin covers were also played throughout their set. One thing

that truly stuck out to me was their connection and communication with each other as a band.

They truly built each other up with positivity and even complimented the other artists while on

stage. If you would like to check out more music and events with Analog Outlaws, click here.

YouTube | I Am Proof - Analog Outlaws

Follow Analog Outlaws on social media:

Facebook: @analogoutlaws


At around 8:00 PM, Innocent Elaine started their set. They entered on stage in monochromatic lighting, and were sure to make a big entrance. The crowd was cheering loudly, seeing that this is what they have been waiting for all night. Jay was sure to introduce the band and welcomed everyone to their Identity Crisis release show. One thing that particularly stuck out about this band is how they talked about and described the recording process of this album. Norton spoke about the long process of recording and how rewarding it truly is. Their songs are what everyone imagines when they think of Pop Punk. Their songs speak about changing the world, going against the grain of society, and truly becoming the person you are meant to be. “Point of view” was my favorite song that was played because it truly embodies who Innocent Elaine is as a band and what they stand for. Innocent Elaine is a band that truly cares about their fan base, no matter what age. They want their fans to feel safe to be themselves at their shows. One of the many highlights of the Innocent Elaine set was when they brought a young fan up on the stage and showed him how to stage dive. The crowed then caught him and really demonstrated a true connection of a fan base. Even if it was just to catch a crowd surfer. They are a band that is constantly striving and working to better themselves as a band and are constantly connecting with fans through their website.

YouTube | Innocent Elaine - School's Out (Live)

Follow Innocent Elaine on social media:

Instagram: @innocentelaine


When describing the overall of this show, I’d say it was definitely an experience I will

not forget. All three of the bands out performed many big name acts, even without the sold out

venue of 2,000 people. All three bands are on the journey of success within the music industry

and I am very excited to see what all three bands achieve in the future.

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