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Work 9 to 5, Rock 5 to 9

Warped In Reverse

Episode #19

Interview by Cosmic-A (Monica Demattei) | Transcription by Tyler Peckham

Regular Joe men from suburban Pennsylvania make up From Ashes to New, (signed to Better Noise Records) and with their genuine sound, it isn’t hard to believe that they have been through hardship to be where they are today. The band is made up of Matt Brandyberry on keyboard and the occasional rap; Branden Kreider on rhythm guitar and vocals; Lance Dowdle on lead guitar, and Mat Madiro, who only recently replaced Tim D’onofrio who is featured in this interview at the 2016 Vans Warped Tour.

I’m Monica with Tour Press Force and I’m here with…

Tim, Chris and Lance, and we’re from From Ashes to New.

Your story of coming out of a dismal place and making something out of yourselves is really cool, can you tell us more about yourselves?

Well we all came from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, playing shows around there, but that kind of fell apart. We had been doing that forever and then we decided to start something new and became From Ashes to New.

How’s the tour been?

It’s been awesome. This has been our first chance to really get in front of some of these kids that we’ve been jockeying to get in front of for a while, so to get exposed to this new demographic has been really exciting for us. We’ve been doing a lot of radio-based tours, which have been great for us, but getting out here in front of new, younger crowds has been really awesome.

What’s up next?

We go home for three weeks of vacation and then we get to go to Canada with Five Finger Death Punch, Cockroach, and Sixx: A.M. for about three weeks. We toured with them last fall so it’s kind of like getting the family back together.

Anything you want your fans to know?

Thanks for all the support, it’s been amazing. Keep checking out our socials, we’ll be posting all our tours as they come in. Keep coming up to the shows and saying what’s up. Check out our new single “Lost and Alone” and request it everywhere. Remember you have a voice. If it’s gotta be through us, or whatever channel it’s gotta be through, just remember you do have a voice and your opinion does matter. Even if it doesn’t matter to me, it matters to somebody else. Just believe in yourself.

Explain your “mission” behind your music.

The mission behind our music is to let people believe in themselves. I went through a long time, and I still struggle with it, but you have to believe in yourself. Some of the stuff we write about in our songs is about overcoming those moments of adversity and becoming stronger. If we can be a voice for people who need it, then that is what we are here for. It’s not just about being rock stars and playing music, trust me; we don’t live that lifestyle to well.

From Ashes to New has put out two singles and an album, Day One since Warped Tour. Their single “Breaking Now” got to number 30 in the U.S. charts. The band has also confirmed on Facebook that they are working on another new album, though no release date is out yet.

YouTube | Breaking Now – From Ashes to New (Official Video)

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Facebook: @FromAshesToNew

Instagram: @fromashestonew



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