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Who Are They To Tell Us What Is Real?

Warped In Reverse

Episode #22

This week on Warped In Reverse Wednesday we are featuring photos of the New Jersey based Hardcore heavyweights Old Wounds. Photos were shot by our co-founder Nahnalah_G during Vans Warped Tour 2016 in San Diego, California.

Tour Press Force (TPF) talked with bassist Michael Weintraub during the Warped Tour stop in San Diego. Weintraub. Here's what Weintraub had to say to aspiring musicians, “Start a fucking band. Go to shows. Be involved in what's going on around you within your music scene. Don't be a dickhead!”

PC: Nahnalah_G

PC: Nahnalah_G

PC: Nahnalah_G

PC: Nahnalah_G

Frontman Kevin Iavaroni has since departed from the band. The drummer, Brandon Gallagher moved from behind the kit to front-and-center as the new frontman for Old Wounds. Matt Guyre replaced him behind the drums, with guitarist Zak Kessler and bassist Weintraub rounding out the lineup.

Old Wounds is slated to record the follow-up to their 2015 Good Fight Music release The Suffering Spirit this year.

Heaven Is A Memory — Old Wounds (Official Music Video)

Follow Old Wounds on social media!

Facebook: @oldwoundsnj

Twitter: @oldwoundsnj

Instagram: @oldwondsnj

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