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After The Calm Interview – AZ Rock, Pop-Punk n' Post-Hardcore

Photo Credit: Nahnlah_G

This AZ Millennial Rock band After The Calm has been waiting patiently for the release of their intro video. They've got some exciting news on the horizon so check back later this month for an update!!

Tour Press Force (TPF) met up with the band before they opened for the co-headlining tour for Waterparks and Too Close to Touch at Joe's Grotto on February 13, 2017. Check out that tour review here. We invited our guest-intern Al Moran, from Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Center, to try on her interview skills with After The Calm.

The five-piece band is composed of members Logan Miracle (Vocals), David Nunez (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jon Habermacher (Guitar), Henry Cota Jr (Bass), and Kody Rattler (Drums). Guess which member still has a MySpace - hint - there's no descriptive paragraph about him on the band's Facebook ‘About’ page... ;)

Give their EP, Ignis Fatuus a spin! Their single “Bloodline” is featured in the interview and a new music video teaser for their single “Bragging Rights” is also featured on the interview. You can find their EP on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Follow After The Calm on social Media!

Facebook: @AfterTheCalm

Twitter: @AfterTheCalm

Instagram: @AfterTheCalm

After The Calm Interview | Joe's Grotto 2.13.17

Be sure to check After The Calm out live on Episode I - The Punk Rebellion at The Rebel Lounge June 8th, in Phoenix, AZ!

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