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QUOR Interview – Sasquatch and Alien Abductions

Sasquatch sightings and alien abductions are a few of QUOR's favorite things... Meet the San Diego based RPM Rock-Punk-Metal band QUOR. We had a fun time meeting up with Brian Corn (Vocals/Guitar), Doug Smith (Vocals/Bass) and John Michael Cordes (Percussion) after their set playing Rock Into Spring fest at M Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas | 4.29.17

QUOR Interview at Rock Into Spring | 4.29.17

The three piece wonder of QUOR is like sighting a pterodactyl. You are scared and yet drawn to its unusual beauty and the danger of its existence. It breaks rules of physics like a Unicorn. The singers last name is actually Corn. But seriously every new band is the shit according to their bio. Your judgment is all that you will need whether attending a performance or spinning the music on your own sweet time. The dynamics of rock vs. metal, indie vs. punk will intrigue you. An active culture. A three headed dragon of thrash, groove, and soul. Simply, un-simple. QUOR culture will force you to question what you believe about rock. Period.*

Click on the cover to watch the “Life Is A Hard Thing” lyric video!

Check out QUOR's merch booth to find the ‘snack pack’ – Human Paradigm Deluxe Edition with four songs off the We Are Going To Be Awesome EP.

Follow QOUR on social media! Facebook: @QUORMusic

Twitter: @QUORMusic

Instagram: @quor_music


Special thanks to Shauna O'Donnell of O'Donnell Media Group!

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