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Psycho Las Vegas 2017

This year's edition of PSYCHO LAS VEGAS will make its descent upon the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 18th and run through August 20th, 2017 with a preparty to commence August 17th.

Boasting a jaw-dropping lineup that includes headlining sets from Atlanta goliaths, Mastodon, psychedelic rock legends, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and heavy metal icon King Diamond performing the zenith Abigail Opus in its entirety as a US-exclusive, alongside Sleep, Slo Burn, Wolves In The Throne Room, Ace Frehley, Neurosis, Gojira, Corrosion Of Conformity, Pelican, Chelsea Wolfe, Carcass and over seven dozen of the scene's most groundbreaking, eclectic, and plainly ruling acts, PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 is already - and rightly so - being hailed as one of the best heavy lineups ever put together for an American festival.

Last year, Dig Boston lauded PSYCHO LAS VEGAS for boasting, "one of the most amazing festival lineups," to date. BrooklynVegan praised an event that was both, "fun [and] weird," with a sound quality that was, "absolutely top-level," while Las Vegas Review Journal celebrated the festival's, "communal, come-as-you-are vibe," furthering, "the whole weekend had the feel of a heavy-metal family gathering meets The Big Lebowski; a laid-back get-together with an ensemble cast of far-out characters, from gray-haired dudes in Captain Beefheart T-shirts to Yeti-shaggy heavy-metal epicureans..." Noisey concurred hailing PSYCHO LAS VEGAS for fulfilling, "every hesher's fantasy of wandering around the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino stoned out of your mind while alternating between gambling, getting wasted, smoking cigarettes indoors, eating Mexican food, flaunting tattoos, and, of course, watching a seemingly endless onslaught of metal bands perform."


PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2017 tickets are selling fast! Don't miss out. Secure yours today at THIS LOCATION. All thriller, no filler. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.



Pentagram ♦︎ Conan ♦︎ Yawning Man ♦︎ Goya ♦︎ Mustard Gas & Roses ♦︎ Sasquatch ♦︎ Ruby The Hatchet ♦︎ Graf Orlock ♦︎ Urchin ♦︎ Great Electric Quest


Brian Jonestown Massacre ♦︎ Mulatu Astake ♦︎ Magma ♦︎ Sleep ♦︎ Melvins ♦︎ Wolves In The Throne Room ♦︎ Chelsea Wolfe ♦︎ Slo Burn ♦︎ Mothership ♦︎ Pelican ♦︎ Dark Castle ♦︎ Vhol ♦︎ Sumac ♦︎ Young And In The Way ♦︎ Black Anvil ♦︎ The Rods ♦︎ Fister ♦︎ Royal Thunder ♦︎ Khemmis ♦︎ Sons Of Otis ♦︎ Usnea ♦︎ Toke ♦︎ Mouth Of The Architect ♦︎ Youngblood Supercult


King Diamond (USA 2017 Exclusive) ♦︎ Neurosis ♦︎ Gojira ♦︎ Carcass ♦︎ Ace Frehley ♦︎ Earthless ♦︎ Diamond Head ♦︎ Myrkur ♦︎ Cough ♦︎ Weedeater ♦︎ Inter Arma ♦︎ Jex Thoth ♦︎ Slomatics ♦︎ Blood Ceremony ♦︎ Saturndust ♦︎ Gost ♦︎ Cult Leader ♦︎ The Skull ♦︎ Celeste ♦︎ Snail ♦︎ Elephant Tree ♦︎ Morne ♦︎ Hollow Leg ♦︎ Heavy Temple ♦︎ Summoner


Mastodon ♦︎ Swans ♦︎ Murder City Devils ♦︎ Corrosion Of Conformity ♦︎ Cult Of Luna With Julie Christmas ♦︎Abbath ♦︎ Cirith Ungol ♦︎ Zeal & Ardor ♦︎ Psychic TV ♦︎ Windhand ♦︎ Warning ♦︎ Code Orange ♦︎ Manilla Road (Worldwide Exclusive Playing Crystal Logic In Its Entirety) ♦︎ Floorian ♦︎ Merlin ♦︎ Wizard Rifle ♦︎ Minsk ♦︎ Year Of The Cobra ♦︎ Gatecreeper ♦︎ Cloud Catcher ♦︎ Eternal Tapestry ♦︎ North ♦︎ Domkraft

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