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Playboy Manbaby – Look Out GWAR, They're Comin' For Ya At Warped!

Get ready for a shake down on Full Sail University stage at Vans Warped Tour this summer 'cause Playboy Manbaby knows how to serve it. Look out for this Arizona Post-Funk Punk band - complete with their own 'Chief Inspector and Party Deputy'... Reporting agencies have announced summer GWAR sightings on the Mutant Stage at Vans Warped Tour and Playboy Manbaby is ready for blood sacrifice. GWAR...they're coming for you!

"Playboy Manbaby is the breath of fresh air fans of 80's Sitcom Theme Music have been anxiously waiting for." –The New York Times

Tour Press Force Co-Founder, Mr. D, talks with Playboy Manbaby before their set at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, AZ. | 6.16.17

Robbie Pfeffer (vocals), Chad Dennis (drums), Chris Hudson (bass), TJ Friga (guitar), David Cosme (Trumpet) and Austin Rickert (sax) form the six piece Arizona punk band. Cosme and Rickert were not present during the interview. Here' what our TPF Intern, Kiya Gaskin, had to say about the band in our Phoenix 6.22 Warped Tour Overview: Playboy Manbaby is a Post-Funk group. They have the unique sound of Robbie Pfeffer’s animated vocals layered over the jazziness of a sax and trumpet, with the sounds of the classic drums, bass, and guitar. Their commentary and musical style are an acquired taste, but they are always entertaining. Don't miss Playboy Manbaby on Full Sail University stage at Warped Tour this summer on June 22 and August 6! Even if you’re a Sunday-morning blues lawyer who only appreciates “serious music,” there’s no denying that Playboy Manbaby has been playing long enough to form a bona fide musical chemistry—one that would fit well onstage supporting (or blowing away) the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The tune boasts a rhythm section that can effortlessly power through stop-start arrangements. Over this, the versatile guitar work of TJ Friga switches from heavily reverberated spastic freak-outs to melodic arpeggios in the breakdown—a bridge that also includes a short-but-sweet trumpet solo from David Cosme. Go ahead and check out Playboy Manbaby before Hugh Hefner’s lawyers make them change their name.”– Eric Shea

YouTube | Adult — Playboy Manbaby


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