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A Night of Dirty Pop: Fiona Grey Show Preview

The Dirty Pop sound is coming back to Chi-town. Singer Fiona Grey is returning to her hometown for a concert on June 29.

PC: Ana Maria Lopez

Although the singer is originally from Chicago, Grey moved to Los Angeles to advance her music career and immerse herself in their raging fashion scene.

Grey is not the only musician in her family; she is the daughter of Chicago musician Ralph Covert. Music is in her blood and she is not afraid to show it.

Grey’s Dirty Pop music is reminiscent of Charli XCX and Marina & the Diamonds. And she has the flair and darkness of Amy Winehouse and Melanie Martinez. This mixture of female powerhouses creates a deadly combination that the world needs to hear.

Since moving to LA, Grey pushes Hollywood to its limits with her rebellious take on the classic style. She is influenced by the glamour and exuberant pop culture running rampant in the City of Angels.

Grey’s new single contains everything everyone hates to love about Los Angeles. The singer recently dropped a new Kardashian-inspired song called “MONEY”. “MONEY” was produced and mixed by Mike Schuppan, who has recorded with M83, Paramore, and many other accomplished musicians. The song touches on the artificial happiness that is a part of living a “Hollywood dream”. The song is almost the alter ego to Lady Gaga’s hit “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”.

Ones to Watch, who premiered Fiona Grey’s single, said the song was “a raw and open warning of the downfalls associated with current media and pop culture”.

It indeed is. Grey is providing a much needed commentary on the Hollywood lifestyle.

“MONEY” is available for streaming now on Soundcloud. Stay tuned for the rest of the EP, which is due to come out later this year.

If the rest of the songs are anything like “MONEY”, Grey will be sure to blow up the airwaves. Grey’s music is very on trend and so is her fashion sense. She stands to do quite well with her relevant, poppy tracks.

To get a feel for what the rest of her music is like, check out Grey’s live performance of “Fangirl” at a show in LA.

To support the local music scene and women in the music industry, go see Fiona Grey at Schubas in Chicago on June 29 at 8 p.m.

Follow Fiona Grey on Social Media:

Facebook: @fionagreymusic

Instagram: @fionagrey

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