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The Agents of Lust Interview | Mad Monster 2017

Apart from somebody mistaking Monica for Linda Blair (?!), The Agents of Lust were really the most entertaining part of our visit to Mad Monster Arizona 2017.

Granted, we really didn’t get to see any of the other events and Q&A sessions. After an encounter with an irate supervisor and a good 20 minute wait to even get into the place, we finally were able to get the wristbands and come back into the event site. By that point, the event was all but closed for the night, but that wasn’t why we were there. We sat down in the pool area, bought some pricey nosh (really all that was available to eat), and sat down to wait for Agents of Lust to start things up.

Interview with The Agents of Lust | Mad Monster 2017

PC: Nahnalah_G

PC: Nahnalah_G

There was no live music performance and just some DJing going on, but little did I know until later that the DJ was actually Ace Von Johnson, the guitarist of Faster Pussycat, spinning the tunes. All around him, there were folks literally playing with fire. Fire breathers, fire dancing, fire poi, and even a metal grinder. A number of onlookers even approached to have their picture taken while being showered with sparks. The whole scene attracted quite a crowd. Despite the apparently “family friendly” surroundings, The Agents put on quite a risqué display of lingerie, bare butts, and electrical tape on nipples, all awash in flammable, diabolical goodness. I had never seen a fire breather standing in a pool before, but at least that was a safe place to do it.

PC: Nahnalah_G

PC: Nahnalah_G

We did not get the chance to interview the Agents that night, but were able to come back up to Mad Monster on the next night to do just that. This time, we got there early enough to cruise the floor and check out the vendors. There were the requisite shirts, collectibles, crafts, and posters that you would expect. I even glimpsed Pat Priest, who played Marilyn on The Munsters years ago. Out in the hallway, we then found the table for Agents of Lust and began the interview. It was good to speak to the people standing behind all that fire and sparks. Cool group of folks. There’s always time for fire fetish dancing, and their performances rate a 10 on the Bapho-meter. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Agents of Lust is:

See Agents of Lust LIVE in July:

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