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An Evening Full of Guitars, Drums and...Silk Stockings?

For anyone that lives in Arizona, we know how hot the summers can be. We also know how serious we are about our concerts and supporting all types of music, despite the deadly heat conditions. On June 16, 2017, 51 West Coffee shop in Tempe hosted one of their famous after hour’s shows. One of the highlights of the night, was the band Silk Stockings. Silk Stockings is a two piece band consisting of members Asa Borowicz on guitar and Sheldon Meyer on drums. They are a Noise/Experimental rock group based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

What really makes Silk Stockings very diverse in comparison to other acts is definitely their genre and the fact that they are a two piece. When many people hear the terms Noise and Experimental rock, they aren’t sure what to think or really expect for that matter. Many people would make the mistake of underestimating them simply because they are a two piece. Although, once of the show started, many people were shocked by the electrifying riffs Borowicz was sending off, and the even heavier beats Meyer was executing. Eclectic song titles, heavy beats, and no vocals is what this band is all about.


If you’re one that has any interest in experimental, noise rock, definitely check these guys out. For any additional information and upcoming shows, check out their Facebook for more!


Silk Stockings on social media:

Soundcloud: Silk Stockings

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