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Interviewing the Man Behind the ‘Heroes in a Half-Shell’ – Kevin Eastman

Late June was a fun an exciting time for Tour Press Force! After covering the Phoenix and Las Vegas stops of Vans Warped Tour, we spun into the Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Convention 2017 on Saturday, June 24 to interview Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and owner of Heavy Metal magazine.

Kevin Eastman was a really friendly and approachable guy who talked with us at length about his life with the Turtles as well as what he is up to now. He talked about the Turtles, Heavy Metal magazine, the Creator's Bill of Rights and DIY for the aspiring artist.

“The one thing that I would like to mention here, and what I thought was the most valuable takeaway from our talk with him, is that he encouraged everyone not to give up on their dreams. We have all heard this before from many people, but considering the source, I think that it is worth considering again in a fresh light. If a young comic book writer could achieve such commercial success with four young turtle characters specializing in martial arts and bearing the names of Renaissance artists, what can YOU do? Think about it. Make something happen.” —Matthew Demattei, TPF CoFounder

Interview with Kevin Eastman | Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Convention 2017

We thought this new character addition to Heavy Metal magazine is rad and an awesome tie-in to our recent interview with the all female Iron Maiden cover band known as The Iron Maidens - check it out!

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