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TUCSON, AZ - August 11, 2017 | The five-piece Hardcore Rock outfit, CONS, from Tucson, AZ, signed to Revival Recordings, consist of Josh Fererra (vocals), Jeremy Talley (guitar), Matt Barios (guitar, vocals), Steven Hathaway (bass), and Stephen Majalca (drums). The band creates a sound that blends the intensity of Punk, technicality of Metal, and hauntingly beautiful dynamic of Post Hardcore seamlessly into one. Formerly known as Coma Prevail, the band was assembled by Talley (ex-The Bled) in 2013 and introduced fans to an impressive lineup including ex-Scary Kids Scaring Kids vocalist, Tyson Stevens. However, after Stevens' tragic passing, the band decided it was only right to close a chapter of their lives and respect the music Stevens had helped create by retiring the name Coma Prevail. With an updated lineup, change in vocal style, and a fresh wave of creative energy, the band opened the new chapter of their musical careers under the moniker, CONS.

Today, they are ecstatic to release their debut EP, Slowhealer, which can be streamed in full via Lambgoat. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin, It Prevails, Emery), Slowhealer captures the angst of a band having gone through the death of their friends and both the regrets and triumphs of growing up disenfranchised in a small desert city. Talley expands, “We write about things that are interesting or troubling to us...we try to provide a light at the end of the tunnel if there's a way to positively spin something without having to force it."

With the backing of a new label and the momentum of a fiery EP to push them forward, CONS is ready to unleash their brand of noisy math-2005core to fans, old and new alike. Talley expands on the importance of the record by stating, “We recorded Slowhealer almost 2 years ago and had plans to self release and basically give it away just to get our music out there. That being said we couldn't be more honored and stoked to release this through Revival. It brings a sense of validation to what we've been working so hard on, to have a great label show interest and pick up the reins and give it the proper release that we feel it deserves. Thank you to everyone involved in this with us. We can't wait to get this out there and get to work.”

Off the EP, the band partnered with Metal Underground to unleash "The Burden of Knowing Why," a single about the crutches used in life to get us through the fear of dying. Talley continues, “Religion, Drugs, Lust, Power, Money etc these things that distract us and keep a veil over our eyes as the oncoming storm of ceasing to exist ever approaches. It's about accepting our inevitable fates and finding love in ourselves and for one another before it's too late to get the most out of our short lives. This song is one of the more rhythmically complicated songs throughout the first minute, a lot of chaos held together by the vocals. The mid point in the song transitions into something a little more listener friendly and we wanted an anthemic positive vocal to close out the song with.”

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