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REVIEW | Marina City Release New EP ‘Terminal’

The Chicago-based Pop band Marina City is back with the release of their latest EP, Terminal. If you haven’t heard these guys, they sound a lot like later Fall Out Boy with a new twist. Frontman Ryan Argast hits those especially hard high notes like Patrick Stump while being backed by softer instrumentals. After their previous successes, such as winning Battle of the Bands in 2015, many people were expecting something new and fresh, and that is exactly what they gave us. With the release of their music video for “Dreamers Never Die”, the rest of their album was destined to be nothing ever before heard of.

The album opens with “Man in the mirror”, and no, it is not a cover of the Michael Jackson song. It has very electronic themes throughout. It is very upbeat and really ties in with the vocals extremely well. This song speaks about love and how he was never enough. The one that he should fear was the man in the mirror. It speaks about how he did everything for this person that he was with, but it was never enough for them.

Real love never goes away and this is exactly what Marina City is demonstrating throughout this entire EP.

“Royalty” is the second song off of Terminal. Argast really demonstrates his abilities to hit the higher notes in this song. This song is about wishing for fantasy rather than reality. It is about wishing away your problems and wishing to be royalty. It is very innocent and childlike in the sense that it speaks about wishing for something that is outside of reality. It also speaks about putting someone over yourself.

The third song off Terminal is that of “Better Weather”. This is probably the most heart wrenching song off of the album. It speaks volumes on losing love and everything thought that could possibly go through one’s head when they find someone new. It's every late night thought and conversation people have, but all wrapped up in a song. It’s how everything reminds you of them and how every emotion pulses through you.

“Thieves” consist of a heavier song versus “Royalty” for example. This has the consistent theme that we’ve been seeing on this album and that is the theme of love. Unlike the other songs, it describes the reactions of the five senses throughout the entire process of loving someone. How their perfume lingers, how you know their habits, and everything else about them. Real love never goes away and this is exactly what Marina City is demonstrating throughout this entire EP.

The final song off of Terminal is that of “Dreamers Never Die”. With the release of a very successful music video, this is probably one of the most listened to songs off of the album. This song is the embodiment of pushing through difficult times and following your dreams no matter the cost. This is the most motivational song off of the EP. It is the song that everyone should have on their motivational playlist when they are trying to achieve the various obstacles in their lives.

Marina City surprised their fans in the best way possible with this EP. They are going nowhere but up, and continue to do nothing but impress their fans and build their following by relating to their fan base in a way that many bands are unable to.


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