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Crimfall Interview

After six years, Finnish Metal band, Crimfall, is back with a new full-length album called Amain. The band is known for its interesting blend of Viking and Folk Metal. Amain is Crimfall’s third full-length album and the band’s first album under the record label Metal Blade Records.

Crimfall is guitarist Jakke Viitala, vocalist Mikko Häkkinen, vocalist Helena Haaparanta, drummer Janne Jukarainen, and bassist Miska Sipiläinen.

Crimfall have not played together since 2013, so this album is the band’s comeback.

In a press release, it was stated that Amain is Crimfall’s most ambitious album to date, and features

music that spans from monumental orchestrations to song whispered over fading pyres.”

Crimfall use their music to provide a commentary on war. They show the grim parts of wars, instead of highlighting the victory, success, and heroism that is more prominently discussed.

TPF's Founder, Monica Demattei, spoke with Crimfall to get all the details about the new album, the band’s writing process, and upcoming events.

Want to know how Crimfall puts the orchestral sound in their music? Need to know if you can check out the band live in the U.S.?

Listen below for all the answers.


YouTube | Until Falls The Rain — Crimfall (Official Video)

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