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Summer Playlists 2017

As many know, this summer was crazy for new album releases in almost every genre. Not only were new albums released, we were reminiscing on older albums and all of the classic sounds of summer whether it be in the genres of EDM, Metal, Rap or any other genre one could possibly imagine. With Warped Tour and summer 2017 coming to a final close, Tour Press Force would like to bless your speakers with the different variations of summer playlists provided to you by Spotify! The playlists include, but not limited to, the best of rap, pop punk, anything mainstream, singer/songwriter, indie, throwback, EDM, hardcore, and progressive/alternative. Each playlist is uniquely targeted to each sort of individual, no matter their music taste!

Here is a little bit about each playlist:

On this throwback playlist you'll find a wide range of different genres of music from the 1980s to the 2000s. Here you'll find Pop, Punk, a mixture of both, a little bit of Rock, some classics, and more! This playlist will take you from "Everyday I'm Shuffling" to "We're Not Gonna Take It" and everything in between. - Ashtyan Wachtel


Indie. Where all genres of music meet up before diverging once again. This indie playlist encompasses classic feel-good indie and stretches to the dark corners where the broodiest indie songs lie. Music on this playlist takes expected turns with artists like The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Vance Joy. But it doesn’t hit the most basic songs when it comes to artists like Bastille, Vampire Weekend, and Foster the People. This mix has more than a little bit of something for everyone. Take a listen. - Kiya Gaskin


Get ready to shuffle to old and new EDM! This summer playlist features electronic dance music charting on the top-ten today with “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, with dark electropop of today “Capitol” by TR/ST and synthpop of yesterday “I Touch Roses” by Book of Love. Depending on when your dance days begin, you may reminisce with “Sandstorm” by Darude or David Guetta's “Titanium”. Have fun shufflin'!

- Monica Demattei


Probably more eclectic than 99.9% of Spotify lists you will see out there, the 93 songs of the “Progressive/Alternative” selection contain much music from across the world and across the centuries, but little for mainstream listeners to hold on to. It is not that we do not listen to more popular music, but rather than cater to the idea of giving more songs like the ones you already know, why not present a list of songs you DO NOT know? Be adventurous--give it a shot. If, by some chance, you can recognize at least 10% of what’s here, odds are that you might like a good proportion of the other 90%.

- Matthew Demattei


In this volume of the 'Best of Hardcore' playlist, you can hear lots of up-incoming bands, as well as bigger named bands in this underground scene that is small, but very supportive and welcoming. Hardcore is a sub genre of punk, the difference is that hardcore music is heavier. On this playlist you will hear bands such as Bane, Vacant Home, Capsize, and Silent Planet, including some of our AZ local favorites, Withered Bones and Lifelink.

- Nahnalah Guerrero


This rap playlist complied of many new artists features many famous rappers such as Drake, Future, to small rappers like Russ, and upcoming artists like SZA. This mix has many different artists, giving it a good range of different rap styles and topics. - Eema Siddiqui


This collection of songs is focused around the genre of singer/ songwriter. While all music is written by a songwriter, it is more common than not, a ghost writer has written the music for the artist. Here we focus on the musicians who do it all and do it well. These are some of our favorites, both old and new, of the genre. - Ty Rose


Pop Punk is the genre that screams youth. It is all about dealing with life and growing up. Pop Punk is a rather nostalgic sound, but is also very motivational and gives you that push that many need in life. This playlist includes bands such as All Time Low and A Day to Remember. If you are looking for something to jam to on a long car ride or just to improve your day, this playlist is for you. - Rainfall Schemelia


The best of Anything Mainstream consists of everything this summer was about; heartbreak, summer flings, parties, and everything in between. Consisting of artists such as Blackbear and G-Eazy, to Lorde and Halsey, this playlist has a little bit of everything. It has that certain song that defined that certain moment at that certain party you went to this summer. This playlist will make you feel a plethora of emotions. - Mickey Johnson


Each playlist is individually crafted to those specific genres, although don’t hesitate to take a listen and expand upon your music taste, who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with the most unexpected sound!

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