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Weslynn is "Here to Stay"

Arizona local band Weslynn dropped the first single from their upcoming EP last week.

Phoenix-based trio Weslynn was founded in 2013 by Arizona State University students and friends Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, and Kevin Holmes.

Weslynn, is best compared to musicians like The 1975 and Parachute. The band’s new single, “Here to Stay”, definitely plays into the vibes of each of those bands.

In a press release, it was said that “hearkening back to the golden age of doo wop and early rock and roll, "Here to Stay" puts a modern indie rock twist on nostalgia inducing classic guitar riffs layered with velvety, melodic vocals.”

And nostalgia inducing it is. “Here to Stay” is immediately reminiscent of a prom scene out of an 80s movie. The song is what you would hear after the guy gets the girl, and they dance under the twinkling lights. Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall would have been lucky to dance to this song back in the day.

The first verse has an Elvis-like twang which leads into a whimsical and soothing chorus. It is American Bandstand meets “Pictures of You” by The Cure.

“Here to Stay” is a song you have to close your eyes to listen to. The lyrics spark images of comfort and familiarity. It exudes warmth and envelops you in an embrace.

The song is sweet, but not in a sickening way. It tells a story of love without drowning its listeners in a bath of uncomfortable infatuation. It provides a healthy dose of romance, which listeners could benefit from time to time.

It is quite easy to imagine yourself being a part of the storyline. It is personal, but applicable to people in all stages of life.

Weslynn has done it again. They continually put out music that is timeless and bridges the old with the new. Whether listeners love it or hate it, the song will be stuck in their heads for days to come.

“Here to Stay” is available now on all music streaming platforms. Support local music and give it a spin.

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