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Dark Sentiment EP Review

Cadence Calling is a Metalcore band formed in 2014 in Toronto, Ontario. They are greatly known for their presence and wearing blackout contacts while on stage. They are like the musical stylings of August Burns Red, Motionless in White, Architects, Parkway Drive, Phinehas, PVRIS, and Asking Alexandria. They have achieved many things in their short time of being a band such as releasing two EPs, their first one being Metamorphosis (2014) and now Dark Sentiment (2017), and even planning DIY tours around Ontario. They have performed with bands such as Thy Art is Murder, As Blood Runs Black, Phinehas, Aversions Crown, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Erra, Ice Nine Kills, Rings of Saturn, and Despised Icon. They are not only new school, but have a lot of old school elements and include melodies tied in with catchy choruses.

Like any great Metalcore track, “The Accounts of Evil” starts out with very heavy guitars, really giving it that distinct sound. This is also the band’s first music video released, and has gotten nothing but positive feedback. According to Cadence Calling, “The Accounts of Evil is a narrative about a character named Otis in the movie, The Devil’s Reject. The music video is meant to show the real dark side of human nature- very primal. To put in perspective, the same joy people get going to a baseball game or going out with friends/family is the same joy for Otis when he is causing pain and hurt.” Not only are they trying to create elements of the distinct heavy guitar riffs, but they are telling a story that many people can relate to.

“Skeletons” gives off a very heavy, but somewhat melodic elements within it. It would remind one of old school Ice Nine kills or Motionless in White. With climbing guitar riffs that seem to move effortlessly along the strings and heavy breakdowns, this song will be one of the best to see live and definitely be sure to get a chance to mosh to it.

The third track off their EP is that of “A Promise of Forever”. The vocals are soon to come in very shortly after the song begins. Many people will be able to relate to this song due to the fact that many of us have been in the position where someone we love makes a promise to us ‘forever’ but ultimately does not mean it. This song will give a sense of belonging and will hopefully make others feel less alone with what they could potentially be going through.

One of the more intricate songs off of the EP would definitely be “Recluse”. This is due to the introduction of the song itself. “Recluse” is the only song that opens up with those beautifully crafted climbing guitar riffs that were previously mentioned. By listening to this, one is able to very vividly picture the guitar playing in and of itself. Every note is very crisp and one is easily able to identify between the various notes being played.

“Apathetic” is the fifth single off of the EP. It opens with what seems to be electronic elements but soon turns into raw chords being played. Within this song, there are major guitar solos that tie the entire song together incredibly, followed by perfectly timed breakdowns. The vocals, just on every other track off of the EP are very distinguishable and chilling in the best way.

If you thought you were listening to something of a serenade, chances are you were listening to

“Sleepless Nights”. This song starts out with a calm aura that soon turns into the heavy and raw emotion we have been experiencing throughout this entire EP.

YouTube | The Accounts of Evil — Cadence Calling

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