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Universal Love EP Release | JAM NOW

There is great love and appreciation here for you. With the utmost of respect and gratitude, THANK YOU for taking time to support this project. I can't express to you enough how excited and inspired I feel to be growing this with all of you - MY ROOTS - the fans, friends, and family that have been here with me from the beginning. UNIVERSAL LOVE is a mantra, a message that pervades throughout life, an experience of sonic fruit, a vision of sustainability and most of all it's what the world can always use a little more of. This is my first independent and solo record ever; so, I wanted to do something special for the ROOTS that made this all possible. UNIVERSAL LOVE will be released as a two part series. The first half is available now here on Kickstarter and the second will be released as the songs are ready to come to fruition later this year. This will allow us to dive into the songs with intimacy and fully absorb what each one has to share.

Rejoice in who you are.”

JAM is an acoustic singer-songwriter recording out of Jack Johnson's Plastic Plant Studio in Hollywood, California. His EP, produced by Grammy award winning producer, Robert Carranza will be released in 2018. This young artist has shared the bill with Flogging Molly, Death Cab for Cutie, Fitz & the Tantrums and many more at the Pot of Gold Music Festival.

Added to these accomplishments, JAM has opened for The Wailers and worked with Alice Cooper recording a demo for Hollywood Vampires. He has performed at venues such as: Whisky Go-Go, The Marquee Theatre, Celebrity Theatre, Alice Cooperstown, and many other notables.

"I'm not sure if 'JAM' is more impressive musically or lyrically, but maybe I shouldn't fret, because it all comes together beautifully as an anthem of hope, positivity and celebrating all that is possible." - Mitchel Hillman (Phoenix New Times).

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