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Video Premiere: Andy's Room–“Parchment”

Listed as simply a band from Fullerton, the California Emo four-piece Andy's Room premieres their music video “Parchment.”

Parchment” is a song about the hardships of maintaining a long distance relationship, and coping with the fact you don’t get to see them as much as you or they would like. My girlfriend moved to San Francisco last fall for school, so the song is about dealing with that and all of the things that come with distance, and knowing that a part of you is somewhere else. —Matt McCarthy

YouTube | Parchment — Andy's Room (Official Music Video)


Andy's Room are an Emo Indie-Rock outfit that effortlessly blend emotionally charged lyricism with heavily layered guitars and urgent percussions. Since their inception, the four-piece have released a debut EP, Yours Forever, tackling the themes of loss, heartbreak, and regret. A follow-up single to their 2017 debut, "Parchment" is the next evolution of their experimental musical style. Still harkening back to their thematic roots of relationships and the accompanying growth throughout, the new track captures the hardships of maintaining a long-distance relationship. The band’s relatable, heart-wrenching lyrics, interwoven with ambient, rich instrumentalism, create an atmospheric journey of introspection.

Band Members:

Vocals/Guitar: Matt McCarthy Guitar: Devin Trott Bass: Garrett Blodgett Drums: Austin Wheeler

“Parchment” released February 2, 2018

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