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SECRETS Rocks The Underground, and Talks Craziest Memories on the Road

Tour Press Force (TPF) got to catch up with SECRETS on February 23, at The Underground in Mesa, Arizona on the second stop of their 2018 World Tour! This night was full of radiant love and positive energy, illuminating the dark Underground. This night was the official release date for their newest self-titled album Secrets and the first to be released via their new label Made In The Shade Records.

Richard Rogers (vocals/guitars) led the start of their set with ”Dance of the Dead” off the Renditions EP, warming up the already excited crowd that was passionately anticipating the new self-titled album and their favorite throwback tracks. As the music throttled towards the first peak of their set, heavier songs heightened the energy and the crowd burst into moshing, especially with the Post-Hardcore breakdowns when Wade Walters (unclean vocals) belted.

'Here we are' in the crowd, was chanted by everyone singing along to “Incredible.” The second peak of their set was brought on by the heavy of “Five Years.” Another tune that got the crowd dancing and screaming along was their Ed Sheeran cover, “Shape of You.”

While guitarist Michael Sherman was busy treading riffs, bassist Connor Branigan brought on the intensity with massive head bangs and stage spinning—his energy kept the crowd hyped—even during the slower songs!

Altogether the night was great, leaving everyone with a nirvana-like, feel good vibe. It's obvious the guys poured their heart and soul into this self-titled album, even with all the "shitty" writing they did while in production (check out the interview to hear them say it!).


TPF Founder Monica a.k.a. Cosmic-A Interviews SECRETS at The Underground 2-23-18

Hands down, our interview with Roger and Wade was the smoothest we've done to date. Beat from their opening home show at the Soma the night before, and by the jag getting back into tour-life scheduling, the guys delivered—keeping us and their fans engaged. P.S. Shout out to their awesome TM, Cam!



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